Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter

Ok, I need to get things moving along here. My poor little ol' blog is feeling very neglecgted.
It's not like I'm super busy doing anything.
I've just become Super Dee Duper LAZY!!!

Well, we got ourselves a new vehicle. Yay! Well, it's new to us. If you didn't see my facebook post, the car was totalled, which I just don't really understand, because according to the report from the insurance company it would have cost them about $4800 for the repairs, yet they gave us a check for almost $6000 when we signed the pink slip over to them. Wouldn't they have saved themselves money to just repair it????

Well, I'm not really complaining or anything because it did enable us to purchase a FAMILY vehicle.
Got ourselves a 2003 Dodge Caravan (that's a minivan). Yay! Now we can go places together, instead of in two separate vehicles.

So, naturally I figured that this would give us a great excuse to go visit my mom and dad for Easter.
So that's where we'll be this weekend--sunny Palm Springs. Can't wait, I'm so excited!

Hope you all have a beautiful and glorious Easter weekend rejoicing in the wonderful miracle that is our Savior.