Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe it's already the end of October!

Don't they all look thrilled?
Haley claimed she was just trying to stay in part by not smiling, 
'cause she's...Batman!
And apparently Batman doesn't smile. 

The boys were pretty wiped out after two hours of walking around neighborhoods.
I seem to remember being out for much longer than that when I was a kid, but then it's all relative. It was probably only an hour but just felt longer 'cause I was younger. ;)
The girls went trick or treating with us too. Haley was asked a couple of times how old she is. She's still just twelve, but at 5'6, I guess they think she's older. She's taller than Ashley by about three inches. Poor kid, might be her last year to trick or treat. Before I know it, they'll be asking to go to parties on Halloween instead of trick or treating. Sniff.

Ashley's Birthday

Ashley turned sixteen years old this month.
For her birthday, she chose to spend the day doing a couple of things she wanted to do.
She invited one of her good friends from school to go along with us.

We started out at local animal sanctuary (Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary). 
It was fun to walk around and visit with the animals...

 They have a ton of parrots and birds here, they were fascinating to watch and talk to. One of them was so cute, he kept trying to rest his little claws on the palm of my hands.

 I just love snapping pictires of the kids on a bridge.

Stopped for lunch at Panda Express (one of Ashley's favorite places to eat).

This little guy was almost impossible to snap a picture of, he was camera shy or something. Kept swimming away whenever I tried to take his picture.

 Look closely at this one, that little ^ guy right in the center is a fish!

 Getting friendly with the animatronic dinosaurs.
I'll skip sharing my selfie with a're welcome.

(trapped in a bubble)

We had lots of fun. I'm glad she chose those places to visit.

We ended the day with cheesecake and presents.
I can't believe I have a sixteen year old now. Which reminds me, she got her learner's permit in the mail this week. She is excited to learn how to drive. She also put in her first application for a job last night. Eek!!