Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Only the third day into the new school year and the drama has already begun.

This little cutie is struggling today. He did NOT want to go to school. He was crying all morning at the prospect. He said he was scared. Of what? I asked. He didn't know. Says his teacher is nice, and nobody is mean to him; but still....doesn't want to go. I don't know what to do for him or say to him to make it better.

I don't know what to do for him or say to him to make it better. I feel bad for him, but he's got to go to school.

We went through this last year too, but it was a little bit further into the school year. For about a month, he didn't want to go to school and moped about in the mornings, trying to get out of it. He wouldn't go play on the playground with his friends, would just cling to my hand until the bell rang. He'd be fine after school, tell me he had a good day. But he wouldn't want to go again the next morning.
And then one day everything was ok again. We got to school and he ran off to play.

I hope that day comes quick.

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

Kicking off a new school year. Four kids and three schools.

 Ms. Rosen and Justin

 Ms. Martin and Jason
 Haley in front of her school...thank goodness it's across the street from the boys' school.

 Almost forgot to get a pic of Ashley, had to snap one or two quick before she ran into seminary.

(trying to get out of the car before I took anymore photos)

aaand, got one in after school. She's even sorta smiling. :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

time on my hands

So, they all start school in less than twelve hours.
Six hours of peace and quiet. Whatever will I do?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

And then there's Justin

Justin, Justin, Justin.....

Justin can be a silly boy.
He's not ashamed to admit that he likes pink.....
Justin is shy and yet NOISY!!!
So shy at school, he can barely make eye contact.
So noisy at home, I can't hear myself think when he's around.

Justin is I guess, the youngest...and is treated like the youngest. He's the one who gets babied. So funny, since he and Jason are only a minute apart.
He loves his momma too, but he's also not afraid to let her know when he's irritated with her. Which is frequently.   :)
He gives the best morning hugs.

Where Jason is my daredevil, Justin is NOT.

I'm so proud of Justin. He overcame his fear of the water this summer. He's finally learned to put his whole head under the water and also to jump in the pool. Now he's almost as much of a daredevil as Jason.

He plays hard, and sleeps good!

part of a super duo.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Momma's Boy

Jason is my tenderhearted momma's boy. He's full of sweetness and love and hugs for his momma.
I swear some days, it's like he can't get enough.
And I love it. :)
He's constantly telling me I'm beautiful, and the best mom ever and oh yeah...not fat.
You'd think he was trying to butter me up for something, but invariably he just wants a hug.

He just recently lost his first official tooth. He was pretty excited about it, especially since Justin lost his first tooth several months ago.

sleep position of choice?

 I took this photo a couple months ago. Totally conked out. I guess he just crashed. When I came home from work last night and checked in on  him, he was laying just like this across the end of his bed. Doesn't seem very comfy.

Jason is also my daredevil.
 He loves going swimming and has never been afraid to jump right in.

He's very friendly and outgoing, will talk your ear off if you let him.
He's pretty responsible for a five year old too, his teacher last year just adored him. He was really her class helper. If she needed something done, she'd turn to Jason to help her out. Made me so proud. :)

Who could refuse such a cute face?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

primary notes

I have so much fun making little treats for primary.
I love to go on picmonkey and come up with stuff.
I made these today for some cuties who haven't been to primary for a few weeks.

Love picmonkey!

Haley's turn

Haley starts Sixth Grade this year.
I can't believe it.
Three more years and she'll be in high school.

 5th grade graduation
She loves the pool....

...and video games.

 Maybe she's trying to decide whether she's going to do a sport this year. She's thiking maybe soccer. That would be great for her. I hope she does it. She loves sports, so it would be right up her alley. She's tall (almost as tall as me already and she's 11!), so I think she'd be great on the basketball team too. Can't wait to see what she decides.
She's taking band this year.
She hasn't decided for sure what instrument she's going to play.
Can't wait to find that out too.
Exciting things ahead!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shhhh, don't tell Ashley I'm posting pics of her!

You know how everyone has that one kid (at least) who has to experiment with their hair and scissors at an early age?
Ashley has always been that child.
I'm pretty sure I remember her trying to cut her own hair at a young age. I don't think I documented it though.
I'll document now though.
She cuts her own hair these days. Colors it too.
I miss her pretty blonde locks, but I don't mind too much.
If it's the worst she does, then all is well.
Here is her most current series of transformations....
 earlier in the year...

she's ben gradually getting shorter

and shorter.....
 and shorter!
 rocked a mohawk for a few minutes....

 starting to grow out again.
I have to say, she looks adorable in a pixie cut, and I do like the black too.

I love that she's not scared to change things up a bit.

Monday, August 19, 2013


There was a fireside last night for the incoming seminary students.
I took Ashley and registered her for early morning seminary.

I think she hates me now.

Not because she isn't used to getting up early. She got up earlier last year just so she could catch the bus to her magnet school.
She's just not loving the idea of seminary.

But I don't care. It'll be good for her. :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Insert clever "oh my goodness, it's been so long" title here

 It's been a bit.

Think my last post was in February.
Is this year going by crazy fast or is it just me?
Summer has F-L-O-W-N by.

My kiddos are supposed to go back to school a week from Monday.
We're ALL ready. And I mean that in the sense that I am ready for these kids to be back in school, and they're bored out of their minds.

We spent the past couple days getting them mostly geared up supply-wise.
 My wallet is now on fire.

We were supposed to go to Zion's this weekend and enjoy a nice little getaway before school started.
Repairs to two vehicles in the last week nixed those plans.


There will be other weekends I suppose.


We decided to have a little fun anyway. Took the kids to the dolphin habitat at the Mirage yesterday and today we went bowling. Ashley ended up with an invite to a friends birthday party for today as well; so all in all the kids weren't too disappointed not to get to go. I think Jon and I were the only ones REALLY looking forward to it anyway.

My little family is growing up!!!

Jason lost his first "official"  tooth a couple nights ago.
(I say official, because he lost a tooth he wasn't supposed to lose just yet to a cavity a few months ago)

This is how you sleep when you're five years old....

Those five year olds are now six.
Birthday last month.
I'm so good about posting these things lately.
They celebrated with their friends at Chuck E Cheese.
We had a sort of Minion theme.
Making the cupcakes was fun.

I have a new respect for those people in the money machines. It's pretty darned hard apparently to grab that cash, or tickets in this case. 

 I think they had fun trying though.

 BEing silly...

So, these munchkins start first grade this year. I get the house to myself for six hours a day now. Whatever will I do?
Actually, still hoping to find a different job. The hours have been better this year; but I'm really not loving the casino atmosphere. I was walking out of work the other night and noticed a banner up in the employee hallway. It read, "If Las Vegas is sin city, then we're the capitol building."
Not so sure that's where I want to work.
I'll be pounding the pavement once the kids go back to school. Hoping to find my dream schedule....weekdays only. Wish me luck!


This cute girl graduated fifth grade this year and is now entering middle school.
And this one....
She starts high school!!!
In. Con. Ceivable!!!!!!!
She didn't make it into the magnet school she was hoping for. She was a bit bummed about that.
I felt sad for her too; but I had prayed that the best thing FOR her would happen as far as that was concerned, so I hope this is the right thing.
I'm happy that she'll have kids she knows from church there with her; hoping they'll influence her for good, and vice versa.
Love my kids.
Hope they have a spectacular year.