Saturday, August 17, 2013

Insert clever "oh my goodness, it's been so long" title here

 It's been a bit.

Think my last post was in February.
Is this year going by crazy fast or is it just me?
Summer has F-L-O-W-N by.

My kiddos are supposed to go back to school a week from Monday.
We're ALL ready. And I mean that in the sense that I am ready for these kids to be back in school, and they're bored out of their minds.

We spent the past couple days getting them mostly geared up supply-wise.
 My wallet is now on fire.

We were supposed to go to Zion's this weekend and enjoy a nice little getaway before school started.
Repairs to two vehicles in the last week nixed those plans.


There will be other weekends I suppose.


We decided to have a little fun anyway. Took the kids to the dolphin habitat at the Mirage yesterday and today we went bowling. Ashley ended up with an invite to a friends birthday party for today as well; so all in all the kids weren't too disappointed not to get to go. I think Jon and I were the only ones REALLY looking forward to it anyway.

My little family is growing up!!!

Jason lost his first "official"  tooth a couple nights ago.
(I say official, because he lost a tooth he wasn't supposed to lose just yet to a cavity a few months ago)

This is how you sleep when you're five years old....

Those five year olds are now six.
Birthday last month.
I'm so good about posting these things lately.
They celebrated with their friends at Chuck E Cheese.
We had a sort of Minion theme.
Making the cupcakes was fun.

I have a new respect for those people in the money machines. It's pretty darned hard apparently to grab that cash, or tickets in this case. 

 I think they had fun trying though.

 BEing silly...

So, these munchkins start first grade this year. I get the house to myself for six hours a day now. Whatever will I do?
Actually, still hoping to find a different job. The hours have been better this year; but I'm really not loving the casino atmosphere. I was walking out of work the other night and noticed a banner up in the employee hallway. It read, "If Las Vegas is sin city, then we're the capitol building."
Not so sure that's where I want to work.
I'll be pounding the pavement once the kids go back to school. Hoping to find my dream schedule....weekdays only. Wish me luck!


This cute girl graduated fifth grade this year and is now entering middle school.
And this one....
She starts high school!!!
In. Con. Ceivable!!!!!!!
She didn't make it into the magnet school she was hoping for. She was a bit bummed about that.
I felt sad for her too; but I had prayed that the best thing FOR her would happen as far as that was concerned, so I hope this is the right thing.
I'm happy that she'll have kids she knows from church there with her; hoping they'll influence her for good, and vice versa.
Love my kids.
Hope they have a spectacular year.


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