Thursday, February 21, 2013

Facebook faves

I spent most of my computer time last year at either facebook or pinterest and hence all the best moments of the year were captured there, and not here.
I'm a little sad about that, so I thought I'd go back through last years facebook posts and resurrect my favorite moments. I want them here on my blog. I need to add some photos too, but that's for another time.
This really is kind of like my family journal and I've been lax about keeping it updated. I'm not promising to be better, but I wanted to at least memorialize last year. 
SO, don't feel like you have to read on. It's just journalling (although a few of them are rib ticklers!) 

January 6
My boys think sneezes are called "bless you"s.

January 20
Gummy bears are chasing me
one is red, one is blue,
one is peeing on my shoe
now I'm running for my life;
cause the red one has a knife!!!
I find it hysterical that this is the only song my boys know all the lyrics to. They sing it perfectly every time!

January 27
Jason just passed gas (loudly) then said to me "Momma, my butt is a gun".

February 9
Jason is so eager to help feed the pets that he threw the cat food over the balcony so he can re-fill the bowl. I don't think I can afford his kind of "help".

February 23
Ever have those days when you look at your kids and just smile cause you know they are SO your kids? Right now, Haley and the boys are watching Mama Mia and singing along---SO my kids!

March 1
OH my gosh. Jason is such a BS'er!! 
Conversation this morning:
Jason to Justin: Go out your door.
Me: No, he can go out your door.
Jason: Fine, but I'm not closing it (or something to that effect)
Me: What did you say?
Jason: I said I love you mommy!

Do they learn young or what?

March 7
Trying to scratch the roof of your mouth with your tongue is extremely dissatisfying.

April 4
gotta love Justin's enthusiasm....
ME: boys, go pick up your room and we'll go somewhere.
BOYS: Yay!!!
JUSTIN (a few minutes later): What store are we going to?
ME: We're not going to a store, we're going on a nature walk...
JUSTIN: awwww, I HATE nature walks!!! Jason! We're not going to the stooooorrrreee!!!

April 10
so, Haley's first attempt at being "girly" failed traumatically. Earring embedded itself in her ear yesterday. ouch!!! She is once again earring free. :(

April 25
I despise insolence, especially coming from my four year old. Heaven help me!

May 17
Repairs to the minivan two'ish months ago...$1000; repairs to Jon's car this week....$800; mini van radiator hose repair (now)...$???, driving both vehicles off the side of a cliff.....priceless.

June 13
Ok, all my adult life, I've been 5'4" tall....We measured this morning (because Ashley is catching up to me, and we're curious to know how far off she is), and all of sudden I'm 5'5"....wth???????? I thought you were supposed to shrink as you get older. Have I been measuring wrong all my life? Whatever, I'll take it!! This throws my whole bmi into a new light!! Woot!

June 15
Best part of my mornings is when my cute little ones come out of their bedroom all sleepy-eyed and come straight away for a good morning hug and kiss. So sweet!

June 26
oh my goodness, let's hear it for comic relief.
We've just come out of the dollar theater and Jon see's we have a flat tire. He get's busy changing it, and here's Jason's monologue:
"Hmmm, the back (of the van) looks like a butt. And the front is it's weenie. I like to say weenie..."

July 21
Justin had a good one this time.
Setting: Jason drew a sweet family picture.
Jason: this is you mommy.
Haley: Why is her head so big? (jason gives me a hug, feeling bad for making my head look big. 
Justin: Why isn't she fat?

August 6
The other day Jason asked a question about a "screepion", and just now Justin asked for his "poky-pine" the pronunciation of a five year old.

August 7
oh, my Ashley touched my heart this morning. Such a sweet girl. ♥
(what she did---Oh, she just teared up at the thought of anything bad happening to me. You know, when they're teenagers, sometimes you wonder if they really love you--so it's kind of sweet when you see that they do. )

August 9
Pretty sad when your five year old looks at you like you're an idiot.

September 2
sooo... Yikes!! Called and sustained as Primary President today. So overwhelmed, scared, shocked, humbled....I could go on and on. Pray for me!

September 6
Clearly my kids watch too much tv. Justin just tried to open mouth-kiss me goodnight.

September 7
Justin likes to wear his collar up, in what I still refer to as the "preppy" look, he says it makes him look like a vampire.

September 15
Jason just came out of the bedroom all spiffed up. Tells me he's going on a date with Annabel. He asked if I would take him over to her house and he's planning on taking her to Target for a lunch of pizza and icee's. Lucky girl!

October 1
oh geeze. So we're getting out of the van to go into the dollar store. The lady in the car next to us gets out too and say's "Hi boys!" to my darling little gents. She's walking into the store with her gent and Justin say's quite loudly: "Mom, some witches have scary that lady."

Octover 12
Super fun adventure for us today. The van's fuel sensor doesn't work right, so it frequently shows that I'm lower on gas than I actually am. So, I knew I was getting low today but thought I was still around a quarter tank. We hit the freeway and wouldn't ya' know it....ran out of gas. Managed to coast (guess we were coasting) to the exit and onto a side street before the engine completely died. My sweet girls got to experience pushing the van along the side of the road--big fun let me tell ya. Huge, HUGE shoutout to the two sweet guys who came along and towed us to the gas station down the street and refused any sort of payment. You guys rock!

Nov. 15
So sweet. ♥ Ashley is staying late at school today to watch a play. Noting that it's starting to get dark outside, Justin says to me:
"Mommy, Ashley needs to be home."