Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just a thought

If something's not worth holding onto forever,
is it worth holding onto at all?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Do tell

You can tell a lot about a person by their library books selection, I think.
I took the girls to the library on Saturday, here are our picks.....

 as you can see, i love sewing, handbags, home decor--and no, not Clinton Kelly; but I do love his show.

 Not at all surprised, a Firefighter book for my tomboy of a girl.

And, Ashley's picks.
From my sweet, innocent young twelve year old...
She loves the horror genre. Especially anything to do with werewolves or vampires. I think I have Stephanie Meyer to thank for this obsession.

What do you library picks say about you?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's a stuff?

Do you remember that line from Sixteen Candles? The funny Asian dude said it. Always cracks me up.

Over here in my neck of the woods, not much is happening. Seriously. I've become SO lazy it's not even funny. Household chores a barely getting done, the rest of the time I'm either playing Cityville on Facebook or window shopping with my two littlest munchkins. You know it's bad when you're not even excited to go to Target because there's nothing new. We go there that often, the boys and me. They love to go get a juice box or a chocolate milk from the little cafe and then go "play" with the toys.

 This is our most awesome babysitter, Julia (and Justin). She's so much more than just a babysitter though....she's Justin's gi-i-i-r-r-r-l-l-friend; not to mention his cousin as well. She watched the kids for Jon and me a few weeks ago so we could have a date night. It was fun. We went to Lucille's Barbecue (we had a giftcard), it was so yummy. Then we took in a movie--Thor. It was pretty good.
 More pics with Julia. The camera was loaded with them. See Ash in the background? She got a cute haircut. She looks wicked adorable with it. I've got to post a better pic of it.

Mother's Day weekend we went to Laughlin to visit some of Jon's family. His uncle Mike came down from northern California. We hadn't seen him in about ten years. It was really nice to visit.
 Uncle Mike on the left and Uncle Mark on the right. Awesome couple of guys.
 Jon's mom in the back and his aunt Cathy in front.
Loved this sign, had to snap a pic.

 All lined up.....
 Playing on the riverfront.

 It was nice to get away. But, it's always nice to come back home.

This past week, I've been trying to do something a little more constructive than usual.
I have a bunch of old jeans that I'm cutting up into quilt blocks to hopefully make a quilt out of someday; so in the meantime, I'm left with the seats of the pants get creative with. I've been thinking of making purses out of them for a while, so I finally dove in and got started on this project.
 These were obviously not jeans, just an old pair of the boys pants that they'd worn the knees out of. It's the first one I made, and I think it turned out better than the second one. Ashley loves it, it makes a cute little scripture tote for church.

 Here is the second one. Denim is harder to sew through and it gave me some trouble in a few areas. I really want a new sewing machine! I'm thinking of selling them on Etsy, I've finally set up an account and now I just have to load up my shop.
 Would YOU buy it? Are these just kind of cheesy? Trying to figure out if there's even a market for denim bags. I'm thinking maybe $15. Guess I'll just have to put it on there and see if it moves.
 I found a cute book at the library called Handmade Home Simple Ways to repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures. It's got some cute ideas, like these hotpads. I "repurposed" an old towel for the interior and used some cute fabric I had picked up. They came out pretty cute, but again; I had a few problems with my sewing machine going through some of the thicker parts. Hopefully my next attempt will come out a little cleaner. I'll prob'ly still list them on Etsy and see what happens.

So anyway, that's what's a happening in my world this week. Now I'm off to make more denim bags.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mark as read...

I just marked all your posts as read in my Reader. Boy, do I feel about thirty pounds lighter now.
Wish weight loss was that simple.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I feel like a stranger over here these days.
Thought I'd get around to posting a little of our visit to Palm Springs for Easter weekend.
It was lovely to visit with my mom and dad. The time always goes by too fast though.

We went and visited The Living Desert while we were there. It's the local zoo. I was really impressed by it. I've been there before, but I hadn't realized just how well kept it is. The habitats were in excellent condition, much better than the local zoo here in Vegas.  

 They have an awesome miniature train display when you first walk in. Here are a few of it's highlights. I loved the miniature Mt. Rushmore!

 This was like a miniature Grand Canyon. It really was pretty cool.

 The giraffes were awesome. You can feed them, but there was such a long line to do it, whe opted out.

 Is it Timon or Pumba?

 The horns on these guys were spectacular!! There were three of them, a father and his two sons. What really surprised me was that the father's horns were the smallest.

 My absolute favorite part of the place was the hummingbird and butterfly exhibit.
 This hummingbird was sitting on it's eggs. Didn't get to see the eggs, but how often do you see a hummingbird sitting still?
 The butterflies were just awesome. Hundreds of them were in there. You could put your hand out to the plants, and they would climb on.

 A butterfly on my leg. That should be good luck right?

We really enjoyed ourselves.
That's pretty much the only excursion we made while there, except of course for the mall.
It was nice just to hang out and enjoy each others' company.

We had a Easter egg hunt on Saturday,

 Oh my gosh! Look at that bedhead! I think the wind may have been blowing too...
 My mom and dad's dog Sophie got involved too. She had a blast with one of those eggs. We let her keep it. It was pretty slimey!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter.