Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catching up

Wow! Feel like a stranger over here again. Blogger's been making changes!! I'm gonna have to figure out how to do a post all over again. lol Maybe that'll teach me to be away for so long.

Not a lot going on in my neck of the woods lately. I've been working off and on at the job. They don't give me too many hours currently, which sucks paycheck-wise, but I don't mind so much mommy-wise. It's nice to spend time with my family. Speaking of, my mom came to visit this past weekend  along with Jon's mom. It's nice that they get along well and are happy to take a road trip together once in a while. It was lovely having them both here.

Got my boys enrolled in a little kindergarten prep class at the rec center. They love it. It's crazy how lazy I've gotten. They start kindergarten in the fall, and I feel like I haven't prepared them at all. They can say the alpahbet and count to ten, they know their colors and shapes; but it still feels like there's so much more they're supposed to know before they start. Maybe it's just cause they're actually younger than the girls were when they started (Ashley was almost six and Haley was five and a half--the boys will have just turned five when they start).

The girls are doing good in school. They're both ready for summer this year though. Ashley is now a redhead. I'll have to post a picture. I really like it. Haley got her ears pierced, and it ended traumatically. The earring embedded itself in her ear. Poor kid. She decided she didn't want earrings anymore after we got it out. Can't say I blame her, but I felt bad that one of the first "girly" things she tried ended poorly.

I've been getting accustomed to my new sewing machine. I really like it so far. I've made a couple bags, some cute little baby booties for some friends and I'm currently working on a few projects for our Young Women's camp fundraiser on Saturday. Most of my computer time is currently spent on Pinterest. go figure.
I have tried a couple things. I'll have to do some posts about them.

Well, guess that catches ya'all up for now.

Oh! Before I forget. Keep me accountable guys. I've committed to 30 days of exercise for the month of May. Trying to form some healthy habits. Two days down, 28 to go. I've got to get some of this jiggle off!