Sunday, September 22, 2013

Peachy keen!

Well, almost a month into the new school year. Seems like we're all getting acclimated to our new routine.

I've been looking for a new job. No luck so far, although I do have an interview Tuesday with a furniture store. Wish me luck.
I'm dying to get out of the casino. So tired of the atmosphere there, not to mention the cigarette smoke and drunk people. :)

I'm about a year into my calling as Primary President, still procrastinating like a champ. Hopefully I'll get my act together in the next year.

We're hoping to find a house to rent within our ward boundaries. The lease on our apartment is up at the end of November. It's been a good place for us, but we'd really like to find a house with a yard for the kids and the dogs. Apartment life just doesn't cut it when you've got kids and dogs.  Hopefully if we can find something (not much available for rent in our desired area right now), we'll be able to afford to move.

We've had more car trouble this year than we can stand; I'm really SICK of car trouble. Praying that we're done with it for the year. As of yet, I don't trust Jon's car. I drive it to work, and ever since it broke down on me a month or so ago, I'm just not feeling the love. Trust is not easy to restore. :)

The weather is cooling down! Yay!! That's THE best news to date. I'm so tired of the heat. We're looking at mid 80's to low 90's for the week ahead. I'm thrilled!! Think I might just use the oven this week. Woot!

I did this this week:

First time I've canned anything. I bought 27 pounds of peaches from someone on facebook who went to Utah on a fresh fruit run. What an awesome service. They turned out really well. Let me tell you, those peaches taste awesome. They remind me of my Grandma Allen's house, she always had bottled peaches. I also got about 20 pounds of apples. They are SO good. I was thinking of bottling applesauce, but they're just so good that I don't think I want to sacrifice any. I did get some caramels the other day. Think I'm making caramel apples tomorrow. Yum!

I love autumn.