Monday, January 21, 2013

Haley-girl's birthday post

Haley turned eleven yesterday! 

Should I even ask where the time has gone? 

We sent her on a scavenger hunt for her birthday present. 
 Sent her to the mailbox.....

 Sent her around the house......

 She finally found the big prize. Doesn't she look thrilled?
...................................NASCAR tickets. 
Honestly, she's been wanting to go with her dad to Nascar ever since her sister got to go four years ago. 
Hopefully she'll have fun. 

We had cake and brownies (forgot the ice cream--what kind of mother am I?) tonight (I had to work last night  :(  ).

There's that thrilled look again.
I'm starting to think that it's code for "somewhat happy".

Happy, Happy Birthday to my Haley-bop. Love you sweet pea!

Thursday, January 3, 2013



This is my phrase for the year.

My goal for this year is to stop procrastinating.

WORLD CLASS Procrastinator--that's me.

And yes, I find it a little ironic that my New Years Resolution is to stop procrastinating and I'm posting my resolution on the 3rd of January.
I'm off to a great start wouldn't you say?

That's the only one I'm making, but it's kind of all encompassing in my house.
If I can overcome it, I'll solve a plethora of problems.

What're your goals this year?