Saturday, August 18, 2012

really random out of the blue post

I don't know what the willy wonka is up with my computer (actually it's the hubs' computer, just for the record).
When I'm logged in under my user id  blogger won't let me post or change anything on my blog. I get some dumb error message. When I log in on my hubby's id though, it lets me do whatever I want.
Must have something to do with cookies right?

so, hey! Long time no see right? I think I've visited my blog like, three times this year. Pretty sad. Not sure why I'm visiting now, seems  like a pretty desolate place. Guess I just thought I ought to try and update it, since the year is already half over.


I think the kids are ready for school to start again. Summer's getting kinda' boring. I have mixed feelings. I'm going to miss sleeping in.
Jason and Justin start Kindergarten this year. I can't believe it. All my kids are going to be in school! I'm SERIOUSLY looking forward to a couple of hours of ME time every day. We'll see what my emotional status is like the first day of school. I'm thinking there won't be any tears.
The boys have different teachers. They got to meet them on Friday. I think they both liked their teachers. Jason said he has the best teacher ever! Justin on the other hand didn't have a whole lot to say to his teacher. He's so shy. I think he'll be ok though. One of his friends from church will be in his class. I don't know if Jason will be so lucky, but I think he'll do fine. He's the social butterfly of the two. I am a little concerned about how they're going to react to being away from each other. It'll really be the first time for them to be away from each other for more than a couple minutes.


I took the girls to get their hair cut today. Ashley's is very funky and choppy. Haley's is shorter than I wanted it to go. We'd made a deal that she either has to wear girl clothes or she has to haved a girly haircut, (short story--she would NOT go into the girls bathroom at Wally world a while back cause she thought people would think she was a boy going into the girls' bathroom--that's when I told her she had to decide----->girl clothes or girl haircut) so she opted for the girl haircut. She picked out a cute hairstyle, and the stylist cut it and well, she still looks like a boy (it doesn't look much like the picture). Oh well, maybe next time.


 I'm a little scared and a lot dumbfounded. I think the Lord is so smart. Sometimes he knows you need a real kick in the pants to get you off your duff and doing the things you're supposed to be doing.
Let's just say I recently got a kick in the pants. More on that later.


I'm saddened by some news about a fellow blogger. Some of you might know of him. He's a teacher who recently passed away. I've been searching for news about his death, and came across it tonight. I was shocked and saddened. Don't even know what to think about it. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I'm hoping the circumstances prove better than they're currently looking.

Well, that'll be  a wrap for tonight.

Everybody enjoy your Sunday!