Thursday, September 29, 2011

tap, tap, tap....hello?

Anybody still out there? I can hear crickets chirping in the background of my blog.
Pretty sad, it's been like three months since I last posted. Pathetic.
Wish I could say I was getting alot of stuff accomplished in that time, but alas---not so.
Don't you just love my grammar?

I'm still searching for my mojo. It high-tailed it out of here way back in January I think, hasn't so much as called to check in.
I did find a job. Whoohoo. MGM Las Vegas. Hate it.
But, it's a job.
I'm on call, which means that I get a weekly schedule but it varies. So my days off are never the same, and I'm not guaranteed any set number of hours. I've been averaging about 30 a week, which is ok. This past week has been rough though. I only got 25 hours, which frankly didn't bug me too much, cause I'm exhausted and I don't get to see my girls much these days. It's just that the shifts this week were 6 pm to 12:30 am. Kind of rough when I get to bed by 1:30 in the morning and have to wake up four hours later to get the kids off to school. So, I'm truly enjoying my days off this week. Three of them, in a row. Yippee!
Course, I'm so cranky right now  the kids probly' wish I was at work. lol

Well, I'll wrap it up for tonight. Just wanted to say hey, and let ya'all know I'm still kicking. Miss visiting your blogs. Hopefully I'll stop by a little more frequently.