Thursday, May 5, 2011

I feel like a stranger over here these days.
Thought I'd get around to posting a little of our visit to Palm Springs for Easter weekend.
It was lovely to visit with my mom and dad. The time always goes by too fast though.

We went and visited The Living Desert while we were there. It's the local zoo. I was really impressed by it. I've been there before, but I hadn't realized just how well kept it is. The habitats were in excellent condition, much better than the local zoo here in Vegas.  

 They have an awesome miniature train display when you first walk in. Here are a few of it's highlights. I loved the miniature Mt. Rushmore!

 This was like a miniature Grand Canyon. It really was pretty cool.

 The giraffes were awesome. You can feed them, but there was such a long line to do it, whe opted out.

 Is it Timon or Pumba?

 The horns on these guys were spectacular!! There were three of them, a father and his two sons. What really surprised me was that the father's horns were the smallest.

 My absolute favorite part of the place was the hummingbird and butterfly exhibit.
 This hummingbird was sitting on it's eggs. Didn't get to see the eggs, but how often do you see a hummingbird sitting still?
 The butterflies were just awesome. Hundreds of them were in there. You could put your hand out to the plants, and they would climb on.

 A butterfly on my leg. That should be good luck right?

We really enjoyed ourselves.
That's pretty much the only excursion we made while there, except of course for the mall.
It was nice just to hang out and enjoy each others' company.

We had a Easter egg hunt on Saturday,

 Oh my gosh! Look at that bedhead! I think the wind may have been blowing too...
 My mom and dad's dog Sophie got involved too. She had a blast with one of those eggs. We let her keep it. It was pretty slimey!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter.


Kristina P. said...

I think I've been there, a long time ago! Very cool.

Lisa Loo said...

So good to see you around! That place looks really interesting. You are so good to take your kids out and about and exploring. Glad you had a Happy Easter!

Jan said...

I want to go next time :) how fun..

Connie said...

Good to hear from you! Glad you were able to spend some time with your parents AND with the zoo animals. Awesome picture of the humming bird. And yes, a butterfly on your leg is definitely a sign of good luck!

CL said...

What a nice looking zoo! I cringe thinking about the Las Vegas "zoo." I feel sorry for the animals there.

tammy said...

Looks like lots of fun!