Saturday, August 24, 2013

And then there's Justin

Justin, Justin, Justin.....

Justin can be a silly boy.
He's not ashamed to admit that he likes pink.....
Justin is shy and yet NOISY!!!
So shy at school, he can barely make eye contact.
So noisy at home, I can't hear myself think when he's around.

Justin is I guess, the youngest...and is treated like the youngest. He's the one who gets babied. So funny, since he and Jason are only a minute apart.
He loves his momma too, but he's also not afraid to let her know when he's irritated with her. Which is frequently.   :)
He gives the best morning hugs.

Where Jason is my daredevil, Justin is NOT.

I'm so proud of Justin. He overcame his fear of the water this summer. He's finally learned to put his whole head under the water and also to jump in the pool. Now he's almost as much of a daredevil as Jason.

He plays hard, and sleeps good!

part of a super duo.

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