Friday, August 23, 2013

Momma's Boy

Jason is my tenderhearted momma's boy. He's full of sweetness and love and hugs for his momma.
I swear some days, it's like he can't get enough.
And I love it. :)
He's constantly telling me I'm beautiful, and the best mom ever and oh yeah...not fat.
You'd think he was trying to butter me up for something, but invariably he just wants a hug.

He just recently lost his first official tooth. He was pretty excited about it, especially since Justin lost his first tooth several months ago.

sleep position of choice?

 I took this photo a couple months ago. Totally conked out. I guess he just crashed. When I came home from work last night and checked in on  him, he was laying just like this across the end of his bed. Doesn't seem very comfy.

Jason is also my daredevil.
 He loves going swimming and has never been afraid to jump right in.

He's very friendly and outgoing, will talk your ear off if you let him.
He's pretty responsible for a five year old too, his teacher last year just adored him. He was really her class helper. If she needed something done, she'd turn to Jason to help her out. Made me so proud. :)

Who could refuse such a cute face?

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Jenny Lynn said...

I have a mamas boy as well. It is so sweet of Jason to speak kind, uplifting words to you. I know that if my children were being sweet to me that they were getting ready to ask for something.