Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Haley's turn

Haley starts Sixth Grade this year.
I can't believe it.
Three more years and she'll be in high school.

 5th grade graduation
She loves the pool....

...and video games.

 Maybe she's trying to decide whether she's going to do a sport this year. She's thiking maybe soccer. That would be great for her. I hope she does it. She loves sports, so it would be right up her alley. She's tall (almost as tall as me already and she's 11!), so I think she'd be great on the basketball team too. Can't wait to see what she decides.
She's taking band this year.
She hasn't decided for sure what instrument she's going to play.
Can't wait to find that out too.
Exciting things ahead!

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Jenny Lynn said...

They sure grow up fast. I love that she is pausing to contemplate! It must be serious for her to stop and be still.