Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hot summer Days

Things we do to cool off around here include:

A fun game of indoor mini golf with the really COOL black lights.

Afternoons spent at the pool......

Even the bugs are trying to cool off. This centipede found his way into our house. He was chilling under the freezer.

If we're really lucky, we get some rain.

Have you noticed how amazingly bright the rainbows all seem to be this year? I haven't ever seen so many vibrant rainbows as I have seen this year it seems. 

Friday, July 24, 2015


So today was the actual birthday and we spent it as a family. 
It was really so fun. 

The boys had coupons for free birthday cones from Baskin Robbins, so we headed over in the morning to cash in on that deal!

They really lucked out too, the owner/manager was in and even treated them both to an extra cone. 
So kind of him. 
The boys definitely enjoyed it. 

After that, we headed over to the theater to catch a movie. The boys wanted to see Inside Out.
It was pretty cute. Jon wasn't in love with it. He really wanted to see Minions. But the boys picked so Inside Out it was.

Later, we went to Red Robin for dinner. (More birthday coupons to use, sweet!)

Our waiter made sure they got a birthday song and treat...more ice cream. 
The boys didn't seem to mind. 

Sorry for this fuzzy shot, but I actually kind of like it.

AT home later, they got to rip into the presents from the family.
 Some new video game stuff....
 Then they got to work as a team on a scavenger hunt to find their main gifts.....

Justin's been begging for a bike.
 What a lucky boy.

And Jason has been clamoring for a new scooter.

 We opted for a store bought cake this time. It tasted much better than the one we had yesterday.

Make a wish!!

I'm still kind of stunned that they're eight years old now. They get to be baptized next weekend. 
The time is sure flying by. 

From this.... this in what seems like the blink of an eye. 

Love these two. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Birthday par-tay!

I'm just astounded that my little men turn 8 years old tomorrow!
We decided to have a bowling birthday party with some friends this year.
We didn't do a party last year, so it was time. 

First thing this morning Ashley, Haley and I worked on their birthday cake.
They're into Skylanders right now, but I couldn't find any 
Skylanders cakes at the stores. So naturally I got on Pinterest to see what I might be able to put together. 
Here's what we ended up with. 

In my humble looked much better than it tasted. 
You win some, you lose some. 

The best thing about sponsored parties is that they do all the work. So nice! We just basically had to show up and have fun.

 They seemed to have a blast.

After bowling, they had pizza, played some video games, opened presents then had cake.

 Then we got to go home and not worry about any of the clean-up. So nice!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pioneer Day Celebration

We attended our stakes annual Pioneer Day Celebration today. It was fun. 

Waiting for the parade to start...

Honoring the flag. 

Cool old tractor. 

Very cool old fire truck.

Haley got to perform. Yay Haley!!

After the parade we walked around and enjoyed the festivities. Lot's of businesses set up booths in the park across from the stake center and different wards set up booths with fun activities as well. We had fun checking things out. Jon even attended with us this year, which was really nice.