Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just wondering....

Do Atheists say "Bless you!" when someone sneezes?

(not back yet, but trying to pop in now and then when I can)


Cherie said...

Nahhh they just say "I can't believe you are sneezing".

hee hee - sorry dry sense of humor!

funky bag freak said...

Glad to get a glimpse of you. I'm having a blog fog right now, but I miss you tootz.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! good question Mikki! if they do, and i hear them, i will call them out on it!

yeah.. i am like that.

i will be like--
"WOW! bless them with what? or Who is gonna bless them??"

it also gets on my nerves when anyone goes around saying "OH MY GO*" especially when Athiests say it. i swear my eyes start rolling and wont stop!


this is hilarious.. .and very thought provoking!

The Judds said...

LOL...things that make ya go hmmmmm....

very good question indeed!

Amy J. said...

You are too funny!