Saturday, August 28, 2010

living the good life

So, since we've moved into our new place we've had a few issues:
  • the master bedroom window leaks (you know, when it rains. Which is like, hardly ever around here--but when it does rain--watch out!), we're waiting on the roofing guys to fix it I guess. I'm just holding out hope that the summer monsoons don't come along anytime before.
  • Jon thinks the thermostat doesn't work properly. It was a pretty old model. We bugged them at the office about it several times, they changed it to another old-ish model, which still didn't seem to keep the temperature correctly and finally Jon just went and bought a digital one and changed it himself.
  • The AC unit was really dirty. Had the guy come by and clean that out.
  • The back burner on the stove didn't work. The guy came by once and said he had to order the part. Last week he came by and replaced it and it STILL didn't work. Praise the Lord, he came by this week and now it works.
  • The disposal had to be replaced.
  • The refrigerator was leaking. (we don't really like the refrigerator. It's old. It doesn't have a meat and cheese drawer. We really miss our meat and cheese drawer. And the ice maker).
  •  Just tonight, one of the roof tiles came crashing down just outside our door. There's another loose one up there. Yikes!! Hope nobody walks under it when it decides to come down. Jon already put a call into the office. I bet they just love us over there. :)
  • The dishwashere is NOT secured. Everytime I pull out the bottom drawer thingy the whole thing tips forward. Looks like I'll be popping by the office on Monday.
Got to love apartment living.

The good thing is that they do come by and attempt to repair things, they're pretty quick about it too for the most part.
On the whole I like our new place. Still trying to get all the boxes unpacked and everything set just so. There are aspects of the old house I miss though.


tammy said...

I hope once all the kinks get worked out that you'll really like it there.

Kristina P. said...

The good thing about renting at least is that you don't have to be the one to pay for all of it! :)

Garden of Egan said...

It's good that they are good to come and fix things pretty quickly.

Hopefully you'll get unpacked and make it HOME soon.


Cherie said...

Glad you are adjusting to your new place :)
It is no fun to have things break down but at least they will come and fix it!
We have had some roof tiles blow off too - annoying!

Merrianne said...

apartment living really CAN be hard... i remember when we lived in an apartment. BUT yes! THEY have to pay for things to get repaired :) that is the wonderful thing!!! :)
maybe soon your refrigerator will go out & they will get you a new one! :)

Mikki said...

LOL! Merrianne that's what I keep hoping for!

Nicole said...

we miss you :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Um. I think I need a new address for you now don't I? How can I send chocolate to make your day better if I don't have the right address?