Wednesday, October 27, 2010

corduroys and hot cocoa

I LOVE this time of year....

these pics all courtesy of google images

I've got on some cords (don't you just love that swishy sound they make when you walk?),

google images
and a lightweight sweater
  (cause that's all you really need in Vegas).

Sipping me some cocoa with marshmallows

google images
  and getting ready heat up my oven and do some baking!!

google images
Bring on the cold weather!!!!!

From my sisters house (in Tennessee) I'm still waiting for the trees outside my window to turn.


Kristina P. said...

Me too! Except it's snowy today. :(

tammy said...

Love those fall days!

gigi said...

But we are still green here too. It was 90* yesterday and today the heat index was 95????? Where is FALL???

Laura said...

Do you ever melt your fave candy in the hot chocolate?

Anonymous said...

aww :) great pictures!!! where does your sister live in tennessee???

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures! I had me some hot chocolate tonight because it is on the cold side in Utah! I love Fall!