Thursday, December 9, 2010

I really hate texting.

And do you want to know why?
I just don't know when to stop!
And I don't mean I text a lot.
I mean, here's a typical text convo for me:

me: hey, can you come in to work tonight. So and so called out.
them: oh no sorry, I'm busy.
me: Ok thanks anyway
them: sure thing, sorry.
me: no problem.
them: thanks again
me:  your welcome
and by this point I'm just gritting my teeth thinking "please, don't thank me again. Don't say good-bye. Just be done already!!"
It's probably all the same things you would say in a speaking conversation, but for some reason, when texting it's just such a pain in the kiester! And I'm usually debating whether or not there's someting else I should add. Like goodbye;  but then they'll text goodbye back, or "see ya' later", and then I have to reply.


Jenny said...

I am so with you... I hate cel phones and texting. People driving and texting or talking on their phones. Then the who gets the last word in, the tone of the text... how do you know?

Kristina P. said...

I just do one send off, and them I'm out!

Khourt said...

I dont do that but I hear people do that on the phone and it drives me nuts.. Like my mother haha.. Just hang up already!!

tammy said...

You're funny. I do have one friend who tends to go on and on.

Connie said...

So true in some cases. It doesn't bother me to not return a text if I feel the business has been taken care of. But then again, it depends on who it is.

Garden of Egan said...

I had a text last week from someone who obviously thought I had a car to sell.

I would love to get a text from someone who mistakenly texts a bunch of gossip. I would so embellish!

Anonymous said...

hahah! Mikki... you & me would be texting ALL DAY :) :) :) cuz i'm the same way!!!
i have really enjoyed our Texting Conversations :)
i might have to text you today!!!!

Teachinfourth said...

Hmmm….does the same thing happen when talking on the pbone? You know, all that stuff about, "No, YOU hang up first…I can still hear you breathing…"

I'm just saying...