Friday, February 18, 2011

How I'm spending my free time

The nice thing about being out of work is that now I have my weekends free to spend time with my family.
Last Saturday we drove out to Bonnie Springs Ranch.
It was originally built in 1843 as a stopover for wagon trains going to California.
Since 1952 it's been used as a tourist attraction.
It's pretty cool that we have this here, it's fun to walk through the little town, which is definitley a bit rundown.

Scenery of Red Rock Canyon on the drive out.

They have a fun little train that takes you from the parking lot to the little town.

Remnd me not to wear this shirt again. Not very flattering....

They have a funny little show they do in the old saloon. Very silly, very bad acting, but fun.

They put on a shootout and hanging as well.
...some questionable potty humor during which they blew up the outhouse.

Pretty nice guys. The boys didn't want to get in the picture thought. :(

I need one of these at home.....

They have a small non profit petting zoo as well.

These horses were gorgeous!

 a cute little prairie dog.

 A Canadian Lynx.

 A buffalo. I'm curious as to how they got this guy and also why one horn points up and the other down?

They have more animals which include emu's, llama's, wolves (gorgeous! Jon wasn't able to get a picture for some reason), rabbits, and goats of course.

 Wild burrows which roam around the area outside the ranch.

 I love Joshua trees. They're just so unusual.

 On our way out of  "town".
The End


Kristina P. said...

I love places like that. Very cool!

gigi said...

What an awesome fun thing to do with the family on the weekend!! Great fun and I love all your pictures!

Anonymous said...

i'd loveto go there! that looks like a lot of fun! i love that your husband got into the WOMAN picture! haha!! i love it!!!
yeah i think all mommas even wives need one of those cages at home!!!!! :))))

WOW those horns are crazy.. one up and one down! that is probably how my horns would be if i was a buffalo.
that Canadian Lynx is like a Fierce kind of beautiful! i can't imagine looking behind me and seeing one of those things chasing after me in the mountains!!! YIKES!

Connie said...

You did just what the sign said to do! Great fun to see the wild west up close!

Cherie said...

Oh man Mikki - I totally LOVE places like this. What a great day - I kinda want to go there!!

P.S. It looks warm there too - sigh....

Laura said...

Looks like a fun trip, Mikki! I can't believe how big your boys are getting - the picture on the right hand side of your blog of them when they were tiny - so cute!

tammy said...

That's one of those things you always talk about doing, but never get around to because we're too busy. Glad you got to go!

Lisa Loo said...

WHen I got to that pic of you where you said that your shirt was not very flattering I just thought---
But I didn't even notice cuz you were surrounded by kids that were LOVING that their Mom had taken some time to go on a family field trip! You are amazing Mikki--don't worry about the shirt--I promise the important people will not remember.....

a happy heart blog. said...

What a fun time Mikki - and so warm looking :)

Garden of Egan said...

I love those pictures!
Especially the guy of the house behind the "woman of the saloon". Too hilarious.

It looks like some fun times.
It also looks warm.

Fun times for the family.
They are so darling!

The shirt was just fine by the way!

Cherrybaby said...

I've always wanted to go but we haven't made it yet. Looks like fun! I think your shirt is not unflattering at all. Cute, cute.

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

That looks like a really fun place to visit!

Growing up my favourite tree was the Joshua tree