Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a little help, please!

So, I have a little dilemma....

Hopefully, at the end of November we will be leaving this dive we call home. Ok, it's not really that bad, it's just too small. I hate not having a bigger kitchen, a separate dining area and a few other little things about this apartment.
Someone from church is moving away about the same time and they want to rent out their condo out for considerably less than we're currently paying (our rent here will jump $200 when the lease is up--there is NO way I'm gonna' pay more to be unhappy!). So, it will work out perfectly.
The condo is still an apartment (and on the THIRD floor--yikes!), but it's SO much nicer than this place. So, I'm uber excited at the prospect.

Here's my current dilemma.
I need to start packing up the stuff I'm not gonna' be needing.
So, I'm going through stuff, trying to weed out more unnecessary items.

Enter these two little characters:

These little girls were given to me after the passing of my grandma(s).
I think each one is from a different grandma, although I can't even remember for sure.

I don't love them.
Any other thing,  and it would be no problem. Into the donation box you go.
But, they're really the only little memento's of my grandma's that I have.
They don't necessarily remind me of my grandma's--other than I know they belonged to them.

So do I get rid of them, or hold onto them?
Opinions please.


Garden of Egan said... is a dilema.
They don't take up much space. It's not like they are the size of a couch or something. So keep them.

But, if you don't love them, then why let them take up one ounce of space. Most likely your grandmas didn't like them either. Seriously.
Either one probably had guilt and they kept them.

I'm no help at all am I?
I'm a thrower-awayer.
My hubby could be a hoarder if I let him.

Kristina P. said...

I think I would keep them because of the only memento thing. I'm probably one of the least sentimental people you will meet, but I have a crosstitch from my grandma, which isn't my taste at all, but it's really the only think I have from her.

The Foulgers said...

I would keep them, they are small and you could give one to each of your daughters.

Lene said...

I would keep them just because they belonged to your grandmas. Maybe not keep them out, but in a special box.