Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bonnie Springs

I love my new job. 
Ok, well....I love my days off. 
The job is still a work in progress, I have a lot to learn and it stresses me out a bit some days, but for a two day work week....I can decompress on those five days off. You know what I'm saying?

I am loving my weekends off. Time to spend with my cute little clan. 

We celebrated the amazing fact that I can now have some fun family time with mi familia by heading out somewhere fun today. 

It has been a few years since we took the kids out to Bonnie Springs Ranch.

So we started our fun day adventure first with a drive out to Red Rock

We just drove around for a while and enjoyed the scenery.

The young-uns were getting a bit restless after a while...

Tried to get a nice family pic we could use for Christmas cards. We'll see if it works. 

Finally gave in to the boys and headed to the ranch. 

Waiting for a train....

Riding a train.....

My little convicts....

Waiting for the posse show to start.

Enjoying a little melodrama...

 These two were pretty hysterical

There was a little Tim Conway and Harvey Korman goofiness going on. They were cracking themselves up. Fun to watch.

 And then out to enjoy a hanging....

Jon got to be the judge. He seemed pretty heck bent on just having the guy strung up. 

 Lots of laughs.

Cool stuff on display throughout the town. 

Of course, no day is complete without a petting zoo.

The deer were smart and hungry. If you didn't feed them quickly enough, they'd start nibbling on your clothes. Justin's shirt got slimed by a deer. 

Headed home.......

It was a fun day.
I have missed having whole days to spend with my family.
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