Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Blessings


Look at the awesomeness that Amy J. sent me for the Christmas stocking swap!!

This stuff is fantastic!!! thanks Amy J!!!

Look at these! One is a bookmark, and the other a magnet. I just love these.

Handmade cards!!!! These are gorgeous. This girl is talented!!

She made this too...Another little calendar---so pretty! This came with an easel to display it on. I can't wait 'til January 1st!!

Oh my gosh!! I almost cried when I saw this. It's a beautiful little quiet book. It has the words to the primary song, "If the Savior Stood Beside Me", and is loaded with pictures of the Savior. I love it!!
The stocking also contained yummy chocolate covered thin mints, a baggie full of peppermint sticks, a cinnamon candle, a cute little ornament (you can see it in that picture above, it says JOY), and a fabulous magazine.

You should totally go visit Amy J. , she is so wonderful to get to know.She has a beautiful family which includes the most adorable little baby boy you've ever seen. I'm so grateful that The Robin's Nest hosted this Christmas Stocking Swap. I might not ever have gotten to know such a beautiful and talented young woman.


Kristina P. said...

What a great stocking! It sounds like she put a lot of thought and love into it.

Jan said...

To get Amy J was the luckiest. She is amazing in her talents. Everyone looks to her as a guru of scrapping and photo taking. She really pulled through for you. Wow. Glad you are doing well too. I have missed you.

Shimmy Mom said...

How fun they are all absolutely beautiful! I hope your family had a GREAT Christmas!

Laura said...

What fun items! I'm sure your house was full of activity and excitement on Christmas Day! Happy New Year!

Mother Goose said...

you are so lucky! I am totally green!

The Foulgers said...

Wow, all of it is beautiful. I love the home-made cards. They are so pretty I don't know if I could give them away! That is a really fun exchange and a great idea.

Merrianne said...

that is wonderful!
I was in on the Stocking Swap and it was WONDERFUL!
My partner was Ashley and i got the neatest stocking full of goodies! i need to blog about it....

maybe i will do that today :)