Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Man, where is the time going? I feel like I have so much to do before Thursday, and NO time to do it. Hopefully next year, I'll be much more prepared. My two little extra nonhelpers this year are really kicking my butt I guess.
I just got all my Christmas cards out this morning! I was up 'til past midnight last night, writing them out and addressing them, and yada yada yada. There's really no excuse for that. I've just been really lazy.
My little nonhelpers got me up at 5:30 this morning, and I was all set to put them right back to bed, but then started thinking, that maybe I should just tackle the pile of presents that still needed to be wrapped. So, I'm very happy to say, they are pretty much all wrapped, and big sisters' are none the wiser. Ya'ay! (although, miss Ashley is questioning the validity of Santa Claus. She's pretty sure he doesn't really exist. This because she caught the tooth fairy red handed this past year, and now she figures that if the tooth fairy isn't real, then Santa and the Easter bunny aren't either).
So, on the agenda for today is cookie making and of course, I've got to make some fudge.
I had really wanted to post my favorite Christmas recipes over on my food blog, but I just haven't had the chance lately. So, maybe that will be late, like my Christmas cards.
Tomorrow, probably more treat making. I must say, I am feeling a little less stressed now that the presents are wrapped.
For our family home evening last night, I just sat the girls down in front of the computer, and we watched the Nativity that Motherboard posted on her blog a while back, then I bore my testimony to them of my belief in and love of the Savior. Ashley got teary eyed, so sweet. I told her she was feeling the Spirit testifying to her. It was a very sweet and preicous moment.

My sister in law called this morning, and we're having brunch at their house on Saturday, along with our present exchange. Yumm!!! Let me tell you, my sister in law is THE best cook in the world. We're planning on waffles and all the fixings. I need to go find a good chocolate chip waffle recipe. If you have any good waffle or syrup recipes, send them my way!!

In case I don't make it back before the big day, and if I don't make it by your blogs, which is highly probable (not that I don't want to, believe me, I love visiting all of you);

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope you have a beautiful Christmas day, filled with your loved ones, and wonderful food, and warm memories, and of course, the most important part, our Saviours love.


imbeingheldhostage said...

I hear the frenzy in your words... well done for the slow-down to enjoy the Nativity.
Pat yourself on the back for getting those cards out... mine still sit, half of them filled out, on the table. You know, the ones that should've been mailed on the 10th to make it in time.
:-) There's always next year!

Happy Christmas!!

Kristina P. said...

Waffles sound like the perfect Christmas breakfast!

Merry Christmas, Mikki!

Mother Goose said...

Merry Christmas to you

Laura said...

If that is your card, it is precious! Glad to hear you got a lot done this morning. I hope you get some relax time over the next few days! Merry Christmas!

the boyd family said...

you sound like you have things organized. i just don't have any free moments to wrap, someone is ALWAYS around. and that someone is usually kylie and she's clever. no way i can fool her or lie about what i'm doing.

ps- thanks again for the goodies yesterday!

tammy said...

I know, the time is rushing by! Cute card. And so sweet that your daughters could feel of the Spirit while watching that video. I love when that happens. Hope you have a very merry day! Oh and for chocolate chip waffles, I just use bisquick and stir some chocolate chips in. My kids love them and it's easy. You could probably use any waffle recipe that way.

Lisa Loo said...

--Merry, merry to you to!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I told her she was feeling the Spirit testifying to her."
Dang! You're a good mom

Anonymous said...

And oh! Joyeux Noël!

The Foulgers said...

I'm glad you were able to get so much accomplished with so many little helpers! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Shimmy Mom said...

I too, am not at all ready yet, but we are already having fun. I hope that you end up having a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

Nicole said...

It's always a little crazy at our house before Christmas, good luck with everything and have a Merry Christmas

Merrianne said...

mikki! you are the best mom in the world! bearing your testimony like that to your children!! that is wonderful!!! you made tears well in my eyes, too. thank you!

and i hope you had a very very very merry christmas and thank you for the awesome presents and the cute card! you helped to make my Christmas even Merry-er! thank you! you are a wonderful friend!!!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I hope everything went well for you! I did the same thing Christmas Eve . . . how much do I still have to do? :)

Merrianne said...

Thank you so much for being such a great friend!