Wednesday, June 3, 2009

mid-week mad-randomess

So, Ashley actually made it to school today, and for the whole day!! WHooHooo!!!
She was doing her usual, I don't feel good thing this morning, I had her take her meds that the doctor prescribed yesterday, and she promptly threw it all up in the kitchen sink. So, I made her go relax on the couch for a bit, and chomp on a couple saltines, hoping it would calm her stomach. The crazy thing about this is that she's fine in the afternoons, it's the mornings when she's been feeling all nauseous and whatever, which is what really makes me wonder if this is all psychosomatic (is that the correct word?). So, after settling down a bit, I had her re-take her meds, take a break, eat some more crackers, take a break, go brush her teeth, take a break, get dressed for school, take a break, brush her hair, take a break, etc., etc., etc.....
AND we made it out the door and across the street to school. She even managed a smile for her friends, and laughed a little at the boys' antics.
I didn't get a call from the school telling me to come pick her up. I am so relieved!!!
So, hopefully we've turned the corner on this thing. Thanks everyone for your well wishes and comments. I may still take her to see the school counselor, just to see if that might help even more. Definitely keeping an eye on her for the next little bit.
So, I was ringing up a customer at work the other night, and whenever I handle a credit card, I'm required to ask for ID, which I did in this case. You'd think I asked her to hand her eye balls to me or something. She was like "EXCUSE ME?", and not in the "I didn't hear you, could you repeat that" manner, but in the "are you insane?" manner.
So tell me, when a cashier asks to see your ID with your credit card, don't you feel good knowing they're watching out for you security, or are you offended?
I really need a fashion intervention, I wish someone would report me to What Not to Wear!
Oh, and as long as we're at it, one of those home makeover shows too.
I really, really am having a major problem with motivation lately. I just can't bring myself to do anything truly productive. It sucks!
I can't believe it's already June. Where has this year gone? I mean seriously...., Seriously.
My Christmas village is still on display.
I have noticed that if I just vacuum the floor, I'm more likely to do other housework with it, like clear off the table, and the island, and do the dishes. Hmmmmm. Looks like I need to begin every day with the vacuum cleaner.
Hope you're all having a great week!


Annette Lyon said...

Oh, Yay for Ashley! Hope things continue in that direction.

And now, thank to you, I have an odd urge to vacuum. Not that I will.

Kristina P. said...

I wish I would be reported to WNTW too!

Laura said...

Glad she made it to school today! And yes, I don't mind when I'm asked to show ID!

Kim said...

I'm glad when people ask for my ID. Actually, why not? What do you have to hide? That's what I think when people act like that! So thanks for doing your job...the right way!

Jan the crazy lady said...

I am so sorry about the motivation thing. I know those times and they are very frustrating. I don't get it. Some people have the motivation bug built in. Everyday. I wish I had that bug. But when you do have it, nothing stops us huh. Weird.

The Foulgers said...

That is funny that the lady was so upset. I like it when people ask me for ID. I feel like I'm being protected that way.
At this point, just leave the Christmas Village up, it'll be less work later!:)
I'm happy that Ash was able to stay at school all day. Hopefully this continues!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Loved this post-- SO glad she made it a whole day! And until we moved here, our cards weren't signed on the back, they said "Please ask to see ID", so I would've kissed you, not been mean to you. June Christmas displays are charming, and seriously,at this point I'd just leave it and pretend you're just really organized.

gigi said...

I would still take her to see the school counselor just in case she'll talk to her and let someone know if it's really a school problem. Glad she got to school.

When a cashier asks to see my ID with my credit card I'm thankful! It makes me feel that someone is watchin gmy back and this day and age, we all need that. When she said, "Excuse Me!" you should have said, it's okay, every body FARTS!

Jenn-Lee said...

Glad she is better. I just had to post a comment today
about the i.d. thing. They rarely ask here in our state. It is not enforced much and so when someone does ask I often say " oh- yes, thank you for asking" Our card also says "please see I.D."
I think it is funny she got so annoyed. When visiting Tenn. last November I was shocked that EVERY merchant I shopped with asked me. When I finally made a comment about how great this city was for asking they said that the state enforced it majorly due to to many losses of stolen cards.

I wish more stores urged their employees to ask. Good for you!

Good luck with the house work. i am in the same boat. It is just so hard somedays.

enjoy a good bubble bath!

Anonymous said...

i am glad she is getting better!!!


girl... dont feel bad. no one can do everything. you work. have 4 kids. 2 of which are little baby twins!!!!!!! and you have a TWEENage daughter... and one there in the middle. YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

maybe you just need a vacation :) if you ever want to come to tennessee.... YOU CAN STAY WITH ME! FREE ROOM AND BOARD!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...
when cashiers ask me for my I.D. i always say "THANK YOU".

Lisa Loo said...

Yeah on Ashley making it to school.Some kids are really sensitive little souls so I say --check out the the psychology side of things too--my #2 was this way.

I'mdefinitely a thank you for asking for id kind of person

Fashion intervention will not be coming from me--I am still in my jammies

Motivation-shmotitivation--you are doing great

The Christmas village--I always say that I leave my Christmas decorations up year round cuz it helps keep Christmas in my heart--some people actually buy it!

Anonymous said...

checks are free in France so we tend to use them a lot more than you do. Plus we use chips on our credit/debit card so you don't need an ID for your card but we are often asked for it when we pay with a check. and yes, although sometimes the person asking me for my card knows me very well and I know I don't look like a thief to the others I am glad they asked me for it. I mean I am not really glad, I just don't mind, but I do mind when I offer it and they say "don"t bother". Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeen I get scared ;)