Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas deco

I've gone decoration crazy at my house. Thought I'd share a little with you.
I was inspired by Cherie to create this wreath. Hers came out truly beautiful. My mom liked this so much I gave this particular one to her, so now I need to go buy some more ornaments to do my own.
Our "mantle". We have bigger stockings, but they're too big and block the oh so important electronics, so they'll come out on Christmas eve.

A few of my Nativity's. I have a couple more as well. I want a really big, beautiful one; perhaps one done by Willow Tree (they're so pretty). I'm going to have to check out clearance deals this year.

I bought some inexpensive frames at the dollar store for my girls artwork from past years.

My sweet neighbor passed these adorable ornaments on to me, but our tree is already full. So I strung them on some ribbon and I love what they add to my valance.

My mom used to have a wreath like this one, and I wanted one too. Super easy to make. Just a wire coat hanger and a lot of plastic sandwich bags tied around it.

Walmart has some really cute stuff this year. I liked this sweet sign. I wasn't crazy about the black ornaments I saw though. Doesn't that seem a little sacrilege? Black Christmas ornaments??

Can't forget the kitchen...

I found this cute idea in one of this years BH&G christmas publications. Three dollar store plates and a little red paint and voila'!! (my "O" is kind of crooked though)

Now seriously, I hope by this time next year my orange walls will be sporting a new toned down shade of beige.


GRAMEE said...

oh Mikki!I am in love with the Joy Nativity!!

I tell people I collect all things Joy..

All your other decorations are beautiful.

I remember having plastic wreaths like that in younger years. I made a similar one last year out of tissue paper..

Cherrybaby said...

So festive- I see may good ideas!

Nicole said...

it all looks so pretty!

gigi said...

Oh, it's all so beautiful! I so wish I could hire you around my place. I don't have one thing up and out yet. I'm really having a rough time this year. I have got to pull it together quick :)

Lene said...

The Joy nativity is so pretty.

Everything looks great!

Cherie said...

Your house looks fabulous!

I love all your Nativities! I love the greenery on the top of your cabinets. I love that you made a wreath and gave it to your mom! What a great daughter :D

Gwennaƫlle said...

love it :)

Merrianne said...

wow mikki!! you have some mad decorating skills!!! everything looks great!

Amy J. said...

I love how you hung the extra ornaments on the valance! And displaying your kids past artwork...what a cute idea.

I made those plastic bag wreaths with the cub scouts one year...they loved them and so did their moms!

James and Tina said...

Love the decorations.

Laura said...

Ooooh, that sandwich bag wreath brought back memories from the past! I'll have to make one!