Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Random

Haven't posted much lately. Things are about to go from busy around here to crazy busy.
We talked to a realtor last night about putting our house up for a short sale. He's coming by on Saturday to take some pics and it'll probably be posted by next week. So now, I find myself surrounded by empty packing boxes and TONS of junk to decide what to do with. They say you should eliminate a third of what you own when trying to sell. Judging by the amount of crap I've accumulated in this little 1200 square feet of space, I'm not sure I'm going to see daylight for a few weeks.

I don't like people very much these days.
I used to love people--a long, long time ago. Before I got a job. Maybe it's just retail. I think it brings out the worst in people. It's just that nobody seems happy anymore. Maybe it's because of the economy. I get that. But hey people, nobody's twisting your arm to go on vacation, or to spend your hard earned cash on souvenirs. So, if you don't want to spend your money, stay out of the stores!
It makes it very hard to love your neighbor when they're always crabby!


Ashley tried to wear makeup out of the house the other day. She's been experimenting with my eyeliner and mascara. Let me tell ya', if Jon doesn't get a shotgun, I will. This girl is going to be drop dead gorgeous when she hits the dating pool. So anyway, she tried to sneak past me with the eyeliner and mascara on--she's in 5th grade! I don't think so missy!!!! I had to wait til seventh grade for eyeshadow and mascara. Judging from how mature she looked in it, I think I'll make her wait til she's a senior--in college.


I need to find a haircut that a little tomboy will be happy to sport, but that doesn't look too boyish. I've got to be sly about this. Haley just wants a boy haircut, but I'm really tired of her looking like a boy. Any ideas?

Speaking of haircuts, I think I want mine shorter. I'm still not happy with how this cut looks on me. Give me some ideas.

My boys turn three next month! Crazy! I don't know where these past three years have gone.
Trying to figure out what to get them for their birthday presents. I don't want to bring too many new toys into the house, since we're trying to declutter.


Well, that's it. I was trying to think of a witty note to end on, but I got nothin'!


Cherie said...

So why are you guys moving? Maybe a little bit bigger place for your cute growing family?
Packing and sorting is no fun but a move can be kind of exciting!
Oh man watch out when the girls start getting in the make up - you should ask her who she's crunching on - her hee -must be a boy involved!!
I have a tomboy too and I always persuaded het to keep her hair long and in a ponytail growing up. I figured if she ever cut it I would never see it long again - good luck!

Hope you find more to smile about this week!!!

gigi said...

Oh, Mikki, you have a lot going on in that mind of your's as well as a lot going on round the house. Just sayin, GOOD LUCK with all of it. Don't forget to breath and PRAY!!!

Laura said...

Sounds like summer is going to be very busy for you - good luck with the decluttering - I need to do that too! Maybe Haley can use some gel in her hair to do some interesting things. Does she have bangs, I can't remember? Short bangs might be cute and not too boyish.

Kristina P. said...

I know that Vegas market is rough. Are you guys staying in Vegas?

imbeingheldhostage said...

You just finished the rooms! I get it about people. I've been feeling the same way and I'm NOT working in retail. It just must be hard times for everyone.
No thoughts on the tomboy haircut. Short do's can be great with some styling products, but if she's unwilling to do that, I don't think you'll have much of a choice. One day, a boy will catch her eye and then you'll have two to guard with the shotguns :-)

Garden of Egan said...

Hang on you! I love ya!
Hope things go well with the sale. Keep in touch.
We've all been there, from the daughter sneaking out of the house looking like a model to the not liking people much.
Ya, sometimes in the ER people really irritate me.

Terresa said...

I hear you about cutting your hair shorter. Every year about this time, it crosses my mind. And then I end up with buns & ponytails the rest of the summer...

My daughter (going into 3rd grade) is all about lip gloss & nail polish these days. And Converse shoes. That's about it for now. Baby steps to bigger things, though. (I never figured out mascara until I was about 22 yrs old!!) :)

Hope you are well!!

Jenny said...

I have mine up in a pony/bun thingy that will last most of summer. I think about chopping mine off every summer when the heat hits!

My daughter is turning 16, she was talking to me about dating. I just want to lock her away until she is about 30. They grow up to fast these days.

People are mean and unhappy these days. I am always surprised when I see some on smiling when I am check out.