Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a leap of faith

So, it looks like we found a place that we like a lot over in Henderson. It's an apartment, but it's got more square footage (well, just a tad more anyway) than our current home. It comes with a two car garage, and a little extra storage space, AND it costs several hundred less than what our mortgage has been. The living and dining room space is a little bit smaller than I'm really happy with, but the kids rooms will be bigger. We're going to let Ashley have her own room, and Haley's thrilled with the prospect of sharing a room with her brothers, at least for a little while. One of the kids rooms there is a fair bit larger than either of the two rooms we have here; so the three "boys" will be sharing that room. We'll be signing (upon approval of our application) a sixteen month lease, so I think that should give us time to figure out what we want to do long term. Ashley is of course delighted to be getting her own bedroom. Hopefully that will help make up a little for moving away from her best friends. I've told her that she can keep in touch with her best buds, and there's always sleepovers and movie nights and whatnot that they can enjoy together. It's not like we're moving to another state, just the other side of town.
I think the saddest part is going to be leaving our ward. It really is such a wonderful group of people, and I will miss everyone so much. I think we'll make our way to this end of town every couple of months on Sunday just to visit.
So, if all goes as planned and they accept our application, we get to start moving in around July 30th. The girls will still have about a week of school to finish up, so we'll OFFICIALLY move in abut August 6th.

I'm just always a little amazed at Jon and myself. Seems like we don't give things a whole lot of thought before we jump in and do it. Leap of faith or stupidity? I guess we've been kind of working up to this for a while, but it just seems to be a sudden move. I am excited. Change IS scary, but it's also a little exciting. If nothing else at least I'll get my house cleaned!

Anybody wanna' come and help me pack?


Laura said...

Sounds like you found a nice place and I don't envy the packing or the moving! Good luck with all of it and take it one day at a time!

Garden of Egan said...

Good luck to you! I hate packing but I would sacrifice to help you out. It's going to be a change but I think you will do great!

Kristina P. said...

It sounds like things have come together. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

oh how i wish i could be there and help you pack!! and leave spencer here to finish up the kitchen!! :) :) :)

its great that you are letting ashley get her own room... that WILL help make the transition easier!

i know what you mean about having a good ward!!!! i hope hope hope you move into a great one!!! i know how important that is.

Connie said...

I twon't be long and your kids will have new, wonderful friends!
Good luck to you, wish we could all lend a hand in this daunting task!

The Foulgers said...

Mikki, you will bloom wherever you are planted! Good luck with the packing.

tammy said...

I hope it's a good move for you. I was worried about leaving my great ward and school with our last move, but this ward and school turned out to be even better (just don't tell them I said that).

Ugh - the packing. Actually, that part I can do pretty fast, it's the unpacking that I hate. And we always seem to have so much more stuff the next time around! Good luck! You'll have to take some pics for us once you're there.

Kristy said...

Good luck with the move Mikki!! You are leaving a GREAT ward but I am sure you will find that the ward in Henderson will be just as great, or at least close!