Thursday, July 1, 2010

cons and pros

I just have to say that the worst thing about selling your house (at least so far), is trying to sell it while still living there. We've only had a few showings so far, two on Saturday and one yesterday. The first one Saturday was not bad, we were already planning on going out to look at apartments. The second one Saturday was a little inconvenient. Jon had just put Justin down for a nap and begun to relax a little himself, when our realtor called to say someone was on their way. So, he loaded everybody into the car and went and parked at the school across the street until they were done.
Yesterday, I had just got home from a few errands; just finished lunch. Justin was again just drifting off to sleep and I was getting ready to get in the shower to get ready for work. The realtor texted me that some people would be by in twenty minutes, would it be ok? I guess maybe I'm a little too accommodating sometimes. I said sure. We quickly picked up the house, loaded into the car (sleeping Justin and all), and headed down the street. I didn't want to go too far, cause I wanted to be able to come right back when they were done so I could get ready for work. Well, forty minutes later the realtor still hadn't shown up. He finally did, just a little past two o'clock. He quickly looked around and left. Wait a minute. Where's the potential buyer? The realtor just wanted to have a peek? If I had known that I wouldn't have left the house. Couldn't he have looked at it while we were there? sigh. So much for my shower.
So, really-that's my only gripe so far. Of course, we haven't even begun to deal with the bank yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Enough of the negative. Want to know some of the awesome things about our soon to be new home?

  1. In n Out Burger is less than five minutes away. Oh yeah baby!!! Looks like my new In n Out diet begins real soon!
  2. Target and Ross are within walking distance.
  3. The mall is within walking distance.
  4. There's a cute little park just a hop, skip and a jump away. The boys love to go to the park.
  5. Community pool. Now, I know that might not be a real perk for those of you with your own pool, but I am glad for the girls. They love a pool in the summertime and I really don't care to have one of our own. With my two little hooligans, I'd have to be constantly on my guard.

Numbers two and three seem really cool to me, but honestly, it could be detrimental to my budget. I'll have to try to contain myself to window shopping mostly.


Kristina P. said...

I will never live anywhere where Target is more than 15 minutes away.

Cherrybaby said...

I'm so sorry Mikki- selling a house is no fun. We sold our house there in the ward over the weekend we were gone but our house in CO took 9 months to sell. Ugh. Nap time is the worst. It's hard too to balance wanting to have showings vs. needing to have a semblance of privacy. In my opinion it's not too much to ask for at least an hour notice in the afternoon when you have to move nappers. Ask someone in the ward if you can come put sleeping kids down at their house for showings- I'm sure there are people who would be happy to help. Also, we often had Realtor previews even when we were home. Ultimately though, when you want to sell a house bad enough- you just have to be flexible. It is not fun. At least you'll be moving in just over a month! Sounds like a super nice location and I would love a community pool.

tammy said...

Score on the In-N-Out Burger! I live 5 minutes away from Target, Ross, Kohl's & Walmart, but 15-20 minutes away from In-N-Out.

Ugh, the showing your house thing is hard. I was worried about how we were going to keep it spotless, but we got lucky and the first people that saw it wanted to buy it, and they even came and saw it before we could even officially list it. I know we won't be so lucky if/when there's a next time.

Cherie said...

Target is a must wherever you live - LOL!!
Oh man the pains of showing the house...I hope it sells quickly for you!

Connie said...

I hated it when the phone call came to say someone was coming over, and after cleaning, baking cookies so it would smell good (yeah, I'm weird), leaving; only to have NO ONE come by! It can be maddening! Good choice on location for your new place!

Garden of Egan said...

Bummer about the realator. Sorta jerky if you ask me.

Sounds like things are going to be looking up soon.

It's kind of a good thing that Target is 30 miles away from me. I LOVE their popcorn.

Anonymous said...

That is annoying about your realtor... :(
all of the positives are REALLY positive!!!! i have to drive over an HOUR to get to the nearest target & a mall.. .and hundreds.. maybe a thousand miles... to get to an In-N-Out burger. :) So you got it better than i do chica :)