Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Wow! I'm becoming so forgetful. I sat down at the computer about four hours ago to do this post, got sidetracked and then forgot to post.

I've been visiting the thrift stores so much lately, that I'm thinking maybe I'll do a weekly post about it.

We hit Savers this week. The cool thing about Savers is that they have a lot of clothing. Their prices are a little high though in my opinion.

I still managed to find a few things though.

 I've been looking for something like this to store my tin foil, saran wrap, and waxed paper on. My grandma had one similar. They just don't make these anymore it seems like. Well, they probably do; but they'd probably cost an arm and a leg. It had two price stickers on it, one for $6.99 and one for $1.99. I wasn't willing to shell out 7 bucks for it, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask for it for the lower price. The clerk said it was supposed to be $6.99, but she'd let me have it for the lower price. Score!  I hope it works well. I need to clean it up a bit and get it mounted on the wall. Trying to decide if I want to paint it red, or just leave it au' natural.

Love these letters. More for my collage wall. I want Jon to put up a couple small shelves, and these will go on one of 'em. $4.99---a little overpriced for a thrift store I think, but I loved them so much I had to have them.

This actually came from the dollar store, not the thrift store. Just a small plaque, but for a buck I thought it was a great deal. So cute!


tammy said...

I really need to check out the thrift stores more. Everyone always finds cute things!

Connie said...

You did score! Let us know what you end up doing with the "foil, saran wrap, wax paper" holder!

Garden of Egan said...

That is such a great idea for the foil and plastic wrap! I think I DI'd one of those things. Darn!

Great finds.