Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekly goals-Week 4

I'm a day late. Just didn't feel like doing anything yesterday.

So, here are the before's again of Jon's side of the closet.

 And, after....
 work clothes on the right

 other clothes on the left
 I got quite a few boxes cleared out and/or relocated to their appropriate spot. Condensed a few boxes. It was kind of hard sorting his side, just cause I didn't know what he would want to keep or get rid of.

 Jon had the idea to add some sort of shelf unit on his side to store extra food products (our pantry, unfortunately doesn't have as much space as we might like), so you can see the shelving I added in the middle of his side up there ^ (works for his shoe storage too).  Now I just need to decide what food to store in our room.
Overall, I'm satisfied with it. It's not as organized as I'd like it to be, but it looks better than it did before.

My other project was to get the Valentine's decorations out.

I don't have a whole lot for V-day.


 Those two little jars on the left and right WERE full of cute little pink and red foil covered chocolate hearts.

Should have known better.

I was going to work on my little craft spot for this week, but I kind of got ahead of myself and did some straightening and organizing already. I failed to take before pics, and have since had to relocate my desktop for another use. So, at some point I'll post pics of that project. It's in no way complete. I want to find the perfect desk for it. Currently I'm using two very narrow bookshelves as supports and a piece of wood for the surface.

For this week, I think I'm going to focus on my paper piles:

I have boxes and boxes of paper stored that I need to go through. That basket and two of those boxes are pretty much just for the shredder. 
There's another box in the closet full of pictures and mementos that I need to get into memory albums.
Another box is full of stuff I just need to sort and file or shred or toss.
And I'm sure if I look around a little more, there's probably another box or two lurking about.
So, this week I'm going to sort through it all and at least figure out what needs to be done with what.
Cause seriously?
 I think it'll take me a week just to shred what's in those boxes.
Sounds like a great activity for my kids!


Kristina P. said...

It always feels so good to get everything organized!

Cherie said...

Where do you find your motivation! I need to do this but have none.
The closet looks great, your decor looks great, did I say your closet looks great! So need to follow your example.
Good job!

tammy said...

Looks great! You just reminded me I was going to clean out our closet while the LP was out of town. Haven't done it yet!

Garden of Egan said...

You are doing so awesome at organizing.
The afters are great. Craft things are the toughest to organize.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Um, wow! What an inspiration—and I need some organizational inspiration right now. Thanks.