Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Catching up--fall 2012

Just popping in to update my header. I made a bunch of cute headers way back when the picnik site was getting ready to close down but I've forgotten to post most of them throughout this year. Yeah, I've also neglected to blog much.

I'm so happy the temperatures are finally starting to drop here in the desert. I'll be SO happy when the high is 65, it's still in the 90's most days. Hopefully by Halloween it'll be nice and cool.

So, in case you missed it-my big announcement for this year is that I've been called to be Primary President. I have to tell you, I was totally shocked to receive this calling. No way am I anywhere close to being qualified for this job. Stepping into the refiners fire I guess. I need some serious refining! I just feel so grateful that the Lord would bless me this way. I really haven't been doing the things I need to be doing and I honestly think this is His way of giving me the little boot I need to get it together. I'm so grateful for His encouragement.

In the meantime, I'm totally lost. Thank goodness for two awesome counselors and one amazing secretary.  Our program was the Sunday before Conference. It came together really well. My second counselor did a great job of stepping in and picking up the reigns from the previous amazing 2ncounselor, who had been doing an amazing job of putting the whole thing together. I really respect and admire these women. I have much to learn from them.

The boys are doing great in school, they're loving their kindergarten teachers. Ashley and Haley are doing well too. Haley's gearing up for a sweet field trip in November and Ashley is focusing on her courses. She wants to get into a really good magnet school for high school so she's working on keeping her grades up and doing what she needs to do to get there. Such good kids. I'm so lucky.

Jon fractured the carpal bone in his left wrist several weeks ago. He's been going crazy trying to deal with the cast. It's a pain for him in more ways than one. Hopefully it'll come off this week.

My niece got engaged Sunday morning. I'm so excited for her. Of course, I can't believe she's old enough to be engaged. Seems like just yesterday I was babysittiing her. Crazy.

Anyway, that's us updated for now. What's been happening in  your world?

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Jenny Lynn said...

Wow, primary president is such a busy calling. I teach primary. Let's just say that God knew primary is where I belong... Some Sundays all I want to do after teaching is nap!

The header is way cute. I was totally frustrated that picnic just up and sold out the way they did.