Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A month in pictures

Holy Hannah! October has come and gone.
Another year is flying by. It's just crazy to me how quickly the time gets away.
Thought I'd recap our month in photos just for the fun of it.
Gotta' do something with this here blog once in a while.
We have had some glorious weather this month!
October brought nice cool temperatures and a bit of rain. So nice for a change!
Some pretty sunrises....

I had to buy a can of pumpkin puree and make something yummy out of it.
This was a pumpkin bundt cake with pumpkin frosting.
It was pretty yummy!

I also made bread from scratch for the first time ever.
Ages ago, I had a bread maker and made bread that way, but I've never actually made it the old fashioned way. It was delicious--a huge hit. These two loaves were gone before nightfall. There were requests for more. Definitely needs to become a monthly treat.

More fabulous cloud coverage.

Jason and Justin both got rewards at school for the first quarter. They only passed out two of each reward per class, so I was extra proud of these two boys. Justin got  an academic excellence award and Jason got the "coolest kid" award---only one of those passed out to each class. It was for excellence in both his grade and his classroom behavior. He's supposed to get to attend a pizza party with the principal in addition to the award.
Haley also got an award that week, unfortunately I didn't get a pic with her. Poor middle kid syndrome. Her reward was for citizenship. I have awesome kids. Teacher conferences were the following week, and they're all doing fantastic at school. :)

We had a birthday girl in da house this month.....Miss Ashley turned fourteen years old!!! I canNOT believe that! We celebrated twice. This is her cake from her acutal birthday. The next evening she had cupcakes and ice cream and a sleepover. Thank goodness for me, that only one friend slept over. It's amazing how much noise a couple of girls can make!

 Posing at her party. Two of her friends came over. They had a good time I think.

Ok, this is a Pinterest plug....I saw the idea for this cute garland on pinterest and had to give it a shot. It's just tissue paper. I love how it turned out.

Getting dirty carving the jack-o-lanterns. It's so nice that I don't have to be actively involved in this little tradition anymore. One of the few perks of the kids getting bigger.

The finished products....
(the one on the right is eating one of those cute little tiny pumpkins).

Whle they were carving pumpkins I was working frantically on Ashley's costume. It was a royal pain in the kiester. She's been wanting a traditional kimono for a long time now. Ashley loves all things Japanese. I got her the pattern for her birthday, and wouldn't you know it, she decided she'd like it made for Halloween. The instructions were so confusing, I ended up winging it halfway through.
It turned out ok, althouhg I didn't get the obi belt done yet. I'll have to work on it later, I think it might be just as difficult as the kimono.

Here they are all decked out for the ward trunk or treat party.

My little mutant ninja turtles.....

She's turning Japanese.....

The force is strong with this one.....
Not supposed to wear masks to the church trunk or treat, so she painted her face black.
I need to upload the pictures from tonight, she's wearing the mask in those.
Maybe tomorrow....

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Garden of Egan said...

Not sure how I missed this post! Looks like things are so busy at your house. The pumpkin donut looks divine.

A fourteen year old??? Honey, you're just a youngun' yourself!!!