Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Always Remember

On this day, Christ's last day in this mortal realm He is tried and condemned by the Jews. He is taken before Pilate and then Herod and returned to Pilot again. Pilot condemns him and delivers him to be crucified--in the place of a murderer. He goes to Calvary and is crucified.

Again, I cannot begin to fathom the breadth and depth of His suffering for us. For me.

Already he has endured his sacrifice in the Garden of Gethsemane, sweat drops of blood because the agony of bearing our sins was so great. Already, he has been mistreated and abused, his body broken.
He could have stopped this at any moment. He didn't have to do it, and yet he did have to do it.

So he goes on. Up to Calvary, carrying his cross. Nailed upon it. And then, perhaps the most unbearable part. When His Father had to withdraw his spirit. Can you imagine? All His life, he has felt His Father there with Him. I would imagine He was the source of untold support. To be competely and utterly alone in the face of all that He was doing--when He was a perfect being, when nothing He ever did warranted such injustice--this must have been devastating.

This wonderful, horrible thing He did for us, guarantees us all forgiveness of our sins, if only we will believe, if only we will accept his sacrifice. If only we will covenant with Him, to always remember Him. The only thanks we can truly offer our Savior, is to accept his great gift. We can certainly never repay him. The cost is too high.

He is then buried in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathaea. There His body will reside until Sunday morning when He will take it up again, thus granting us all everlasting life.

I love my Savior.

I am SO grateful for his great atoning sacrifice.

I am SO grateful for his magnificent, matchless love.
I pray I can thank Him sufficiently.


Anonymous said...

you are so awesome. i love this post.

i need to do a better Easter post, too.... since i have my insane in the brain one right now on my blog!!! {with the Crazy Bunny pic!}

and you are right about the "NAME".... that "smith" idea totally slipped my mind for some reason. So yeah... here i am :Mrs. Smith at your service :) lol

Tammy said...

What a beautiful post. It was a well needed rememberance of our Saviour's sacrifice for us.

I pray you have a beautiful Easter with your family!

Kristina P. said...

Thank you for sharing this, Mikki. It's a well needed reminder.

Shauna said...

I just tagged you at my blog :)
Hope you have a Happy Thursday!
♥ HUGS ♥

gigi said...

Love it.
Love my Savior.
Happy Easter

Lisa Loo said...

Thanx for sharing---you are simply lovely! Love the music!

Amy J. said...

You know, after reading this post I once again wonder how on earth mankind went from celebrating Christ's great sacrifice to the Easter Bunny!!!

funky bag freak said...

I'm sorry I didn't read this post...I was too excited to tell you...............YOU WON!!!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Beautiful Mikki. We all need to feel the way you do. I can feel your strength.

Happy Easter dear friend.