Friday, April 17, 2009

I am a Funky Bag Freak

ooohhh!!! I got me some awesome mail today!!!!
Lookie, lookie!!!!! Lucky me!!!!
I was the super duper fastasmagically lucky winner of
Funky Bag Freaks giveaway last week.
Look what she sent me.
I love this purse!!!
Have I ever mentioned I have a purse fetish?
This is a fabulous purse.
Lots of pockets inside, fun, fabulous funky fabric inside and outside.I love it!!!! Thanks FFB!!!!!Isn't that cute? That's on the back of the bag. What a nice touch.
And this was inside, sweet no?
(It says "Made just for you because you're...PRICELESS")
sweet! The cute little round bunny is adorable too, she threw that in just because.
Go check out her Etsy shop.
She's got some other fabulous bags for sale there.
Well, I must go fill up my new purse now. It's going to work with me tonight!
thanks again FFB!!!


Shauna said...

CONGRATS! How EXCITING!!! I l♥ve fun mail :) ♥ HUGS ♥

gigi said...

OH, I'M NOT BITTER!!!!!!!!

Kristina P. said...

What a cute bag!!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky!!!
That bag really is so cute & funky! i love it!

Christa said...

You are indeed a lucky duck. That's a super cute purse. I'm off to look at her shop.

Anonymous said...

Awesome looking bag!!!

Going to stop by her Etsy.

Amy J. said...

That is so funny! The minute I saw taht you had won a purse I thought, "OH cool, Mikki LOVES purses!" :) How fun for you. Cognrats on the Laundry thing...guess what I SHOULD be doing instead of typing a comment on your blog! :)

Terresa said...

too cute! I love purses/bags/things that go on your shoulder, too!

PS: found you on Mormon Mommy blogs!

Lisa Loo said...


Laura said...

Love the purse and the fabric!

The Foulgers said...

That purse is so cute. You are lucky. I never win anything!:)

tammy said...

Cute! Lucky you.

Mother Goose said...

i love it!!! ::pouts::

Anonymous said...

I love the bunny better. I am not a purse freak and I know I need to get more "woman-like" on this subject :(

A Happy Heart Blog said...

How absolutely fun Mikki! Congrats!

funky bag freak said...

What a sweetie! Thank you for the nice comments, I'm glad you like your purse.

O Happy Day! I have that song stuck in my head and I'm passing it right along to you! HA