Saturday, November 14, 2009

Air show

Today we went to Nellis Air Force base here in Vegas to attend their annual airshow. It was cool. The plane's are just amazing. I love going, and checking them out.
Most exciting though, is watching them in action. I love the sound they make. I love the spectacular displays and amazing feats they're capable of.

The kids got to walk through, sit in and otherwise check out some of this incredible machinery.

This is one wierd looking plane. I think the sign said it's used for reconaissance missions.
I think it looks like a Beluga whale.

These were amazing. The pilots were retired and civilian pilots. They really put on a spectacular show. They would get so close to each other at points. Talk about exciting. It's incredible they can fly within like, 30 feet of each other. At those speeds, I would be SO out of control.

We wore the little guys out pretty quick.

This thing was amazing! (picture above and below) Don't ask me what it's called, I don't have a clue. It's ginormous!!! Look how heavy it looks. I think the announcer said it was 285,000 pounds or tons, or 185,000---anyway, it's massive! I was amazed it could even get off the ground. But the really cool thing about it is it's maneuverability. It can almost stop on a dime. This thing can do things other planes can't do. You'd think something that huge would need a lo-o-o-ng runway, but it doesn't. The announcer said it could parallel park! LOL. It was cool.

Justin was either not a fan of napping in the stroller, or the very loud jet engines.

This last shot on our way out. The winds really picked up in the afternoon and it got cold, so we called it a day.
I really enjoyed going and being able to interract with some of the wonderful men and women who serve our country. It was a nice way to wrap up a week that included Veterans Day.



Lady Baillio said...

great pictures!

Lene said...

We live VERY close to a former air force base. I miss the air shows they had. It has since been reopened as a commercial airport and training facility. So we still get fighter jets and the big C-130 cargo jets flying overhead on a regular basis.

Cherie said...

We love air shows - they are just cool!!
And look at your nice weather there!
What a very fun day and the pics of the kids are so cute!

Laura said...

We have a huge air show every year the week before the Kentucky Derby. The planes are incredible!

Amy J. said...

I love air shows! Those loud super fast sonic boom ones are my favorite! How cool to get to climb in all the planes, especially the one with the weapons.

tammy said...

Awesome. And I can just ditto what Lene said, since it's practically what I was going to say, and she's my neighbor.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

looks like everyone but Justin had a good time! So cute!


The Foulgers said...

Cool. I do miss hearing the sounds of the jets flying over my house. It looks like a fun time. I'm glad you remembered ear covers for the kids!:)

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Wow, that looks like such fun. Little boy heaven for my son--I hope we can take him there someday.