Friday, January 1, 2010


Wow! Where did 2009 go? I'm just shocked at how quickly last year went by.

Well, I'm keeping my resolutions real simple this year. No recurring mile long list here. I did acoomplish a few of the items from last years list--one being the most important, so I'm happy with that.
This year I have two items on my list.
The first is kind of all encompassing and general, but this is my aim for the year:

~~~~~To seek out and become more positive about everything.
I hope to be able to achieve a level of positive thinking that will allow me to accomplish all my small desires (from losing weight to achieving more spirituality to keeping myself better organized).

And my other goal is to actually get down on my knees at night when I pray. I'm horrible about this. I rarely do it right. I think I'm still a little scared of the dark (it's usually late when I get home, so I don't turn on the lights--don't want to wake up hubby). I feel like I'm vulnerable when I say my prayers outside of the bed, in the dark. But I think that vulnerability probably makes it more meaningful. I usually feel sort of guilty about this, like I'm not giving the Lord the proper respect.

So that's it. Two resolutions. Let's see how I do with these!

I think I'm going to go back and read through all of last years posts now. I always enjoy reading through my old journal entries. See if I've grown ANY in the last year. (And I don't mean grown out of my pant size).


The Garden of Egan said...

I love your resolutions! They are beautiful.
Love your blog! Thanks for making my 2009 funner!

Kristina P. said...

Great resolutions, Mikki! Happy New Year, my sweet friend!

tammy said...

Great goals, and not so unattainable. I know I am guilty of praying while lying in bed, instead of on my knees. I need to do better at that as well. Maybe we should challenge each other!

Laura said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Gwennaëlle said...

Bonne Année and concerning your pryer issue you can just do it the way we did in the MTC because we were often too tired and any half second gained in bed was good.
We would kneel in our bed.
Since we were also so freaking tired we would end up praying our face down and our butt up so when we would say "amen" we just had to stretch our legs and slide in to fall asleep (which may often have occured after "amen" and before even stretching our legs).

Sher said...

I pray not kneeling sometimes too. I know it is more respectful, and humble to kneel to pray, but I believe that even the ones when you aren't kneeling count. I pray in the car. A Lot! And the shower, and in bed. The few places I go, where there's relative quiet.

Jenny said...

Your resolutions are wonderful. I have been pondering upon mine. Just need to write them down. I have the habit of over whelming my self at the start of a new year with to many changes. I want to keep it simple.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I set only two resolutions this year too. I'm kind of worried about one, which is to have breakfast together, which means I actually have to get up in the morning. Eek!

Good luck with yours. I know you can do it!

gigi said...

These are perfect ones and ones that I know that you can acheive! Good luck.

Amy J. said...

Mikki if you don't mind a copycat I truly think I will be taking your goals and making them my own. They are perfect and just what I need to work on!! You rock as always woman.

Nicole said...

good job mikki! i love your idea of having 2 really good resolutions, that are achievable everyday. that's awesome. too often our lists get so long and after jan.15th, we forget half the stuff on them. go you! :) my new years resolution is not to look like a house during this pregnancy. :) we'll see how it goes! fingers crossed.