Sunday, February 7, 2010

Haley's Special Day

Saturday was a beautiful day for a baptism. Rainy, stormy skies..... Look at those clouds. Aren't they awesome?
The clouds, and stormy weather reminded us of this baptism song the kids sing in primary.....

I like to look for rainbows

whenever there is rain

And ponder on the beauty of

an earth made clean again.

I want my life to be as clean

as earth right after rain.

I want to be the best I can

And live with God again.
(When I am Baptized---Nita Dale Milner)
When we arrived at the church.

Quick pic of all the kids.

Big brother looking over her shoulder. :)

Brother Barnum baptized her.
He's the dad of one of her best friends.
Thanks Brother Barnum!!!

Totally awesome Erin, brought her camera and took a few pics for us. Thanks so much Erin!


I'm going to blow this one up really big, and frame it then hang it on their bedroom door--just to remind them that they really do love each other.

I just thought this was a cute shot of Ashley.

An impromptu family pic.

Brother York, our Home Teacher confirmed her today in Sacrament.

It was lovely.

Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a really special day!


Nicole said...

that family picture is really great! congrats on the special day for haley! :)

Amy J. said...

I love all the great photos! What a very special day! That picture of the clouds is amazing...I LOVE storms and it does fit with the song perfectly.

tammy said...

Congrats to Haley for taking such an important step. That is my favorite Baptism song. Always makes me cry.

The Foulgers said...

Congratulations to Haley. What a special day! I LOVE Chris, how awesome that he was able to baptise her. I love your photos and Haley's dress is so her!:)

gigi said...

These were great pictures and I know you were happy. Haley looked so happy too. Mikki, you really have a beautiful family. Happy 8th Haley :)

Kelly said...

hey, blogger buddy. Send me your email and I will sign you up.

Cherie said...

What a great day - she looks really happy, as she should!!
I love all the pics and the family picture.

Annette Lyon said...

Congratulations to you and Haley!

Laura said...

Congratulations Haley! And I think you should enlarge that family picture - it is awesome!

Rod & LaDawn Judd said...

Congrats Haley. Glad it was such a great day :o)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Congrats!! What a wonderful time for the family. Love the family shot, you look great! Glowing-happy :-)
This reminds me I still haven't scrapbooked the oldest's baptism! Oh my word, he's 21 now.