Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ashley's long overdue post birthday post

I was so bad about posting stuff last year. Kind of lazy and whatnot.

So, three months later-here's Ashley's birthday pics...
 We did a little family part for her on her actual birthdate as well.
Got her a brand new set of scriptures since she turned twelve and joined Young Womens (at church).
I made her a scripture tote to go with them.

 She got  a Snuggie. Peace out baby.

These pics are from the get together she had with her friends.
She invited her best buddies from fifth grade. She doesn't get to see them much anymore because we moved clear across town. Two out of three of them got to make it to the party.
Here they are, the Three Amigos-

Miranda, Ashley and Marisol.
And again...
The plan was to go to the mall, hang out like the budding teenagers they are becoming, and then maybe have a sleepover. The sleepover part didn't pan out, but that was ok. They had a blast together anyway.

 They loaded up at the candy store.

 Posed with some celebrities in the record store. I guess it's not really called a record store anymore is it?

 Such cute girls!

 I love this pic, it's just so paparazzi'ish.

 I made them each a little purse to carry their cash for the mall.

The birthday cake. Ashley's favorite colors were green and pink, last year anyway.
Kind of a sad looking cake, but it tasted good. :)
 We watched Mama Mia after the mall, the girls had fun singing along.

It was a lot of fun. I had a blast hanging out with them.
I'm so glad for the bonds of friendship.


Jenny said...

The cake is sweet looking. The mall is a great place to hang out to celebrate a birthday. They still have music stores? I have not been to the mall in long time. Very cool Birthday.

tammy said...

Looks like the perfect party!

Garden of Egan said...

Great looking scripture tote! You are very talented.
How fun to hang at the mall with friends.
It will be fun to be in YW!

Anonymous said...

that looks like so much fun!
and i have to tell you that i love love love my 2 bags you made for me! i get compliments on them ALL THE TIME~!!!!!!

i'm glad she had a wonderful birthday! she is lucky to have a wonderful momma like you~!