Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Garage band

I haven't posted much at all lately.
So, thought I'd show you what the boys are up to these days..... video

So far, Jason has broken two wooden spoons and one of the plastic ones.

After they were done playing the drums, they decided to cook up some lunch.



Connie said...

No wonder you haven't posted much! Looks like you've been busy promoting the boy band! Very cute!

Kristina P. said...

They look so cute!

Merrianne said...

haha! They are adorable.. and TALENTED! girl... it is seriously amazing me how fast they are growing! i remember when we first met they were LITTLE BABIES!!!!!
i feel like i know them :) and your girls!! and your hubby!

of course YOU! :)

Jenny said...

drummers verses chefs.... they are so cute.

The Foulgers said...

I can't believe they've broke the spoons, too funny!
Happy late birthday to Haley! I hope she had a great day!

Lisa Loo said...

Oh my goodness--they are going to be famous some day! No wonder you haven't been posting--too much fun to sit and watch.
Sad dat for the spoons--do they call that--extreme drumming??

Lisa Loo said...

I believe I meant day not dat--HELLO...

Those People With The Crazy Kids said...

oh my goodness Mikki! I have been away too long....these little guys are getting so big! :o)