Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas week recap #4 Christmas Day and present overload!

Ok, last one. Thank goodness, go ahead and say it!
Chrtistmas day was lovely.
We were truly spoiled this year.

 That's a lot of presents! I feel truly embarrassed about this. There were sixteen presents under the tree before Christmas Eve even got here. Four for each of the kids, from the church. We were deemed a family in need this year. For Thanksgiving we received a turkey and all the trimmings as well. We had already purchased what we needed for dinner, so we saved the turkey for Christmas, and I am truly grateful for the church's support, although I really feel like maybe it could have gone to someone who needed it more. Maybe everyone feels like that when they receive charity. Things have been really tight, don't get me wrong. Being out of work half the year, and now working reduced hours is cutting into what we're used to getting by with. Two weeks ago, I was seriously stressing about how I was going to pay off my layaway's and have anything under the tree for my kids. But, we are seriously so blessed. I received our security deposit refund check in the mail that week from the old apartment. That paid for Christmas. It couldn't have come at a better time and I was weeping with gratitude as I looked at that check. I believe wholeheartedly in tithing, but I haven't been paying it because Jon has asked me not to until things get better financially for us. It goes against everything I believe not to pay it, but I feel I need to honor my husbands request. And still, the Lord has blessed us! I just feel so ....undeserving.
My momma gave me some good advice though, she suggested I just pay it forward next year. DEFINITELY!

 So, anyway, here are a few of the favorites I thiink.
 Best present ever for the boys. These are going to keep them entertained for hours (or so I hope)!

 Haley's favorite--beyblades.

 And Ashley's favorite...duct tape.
She also got the haircolor she has been begging for. She's now sporting blue-black hair.

(not as horrible as I was expecting it to be.)
 I actually like it.

Hope your Christmas was truly Blessed.


Garden of Egan said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful Christmas! I'm sure it was hard to accept those gifts, but there are so many people who desire to help.

When my hubs was the bishop it was so humbling for him to have so many come forward and ask what they could do for others.

Don't feel bad about it. Things will get better!

tammy said...

I agree with what Tauna said. Sometimes letting others give is hard, but you'd be denying them the blessings of giving. Glad you had a Merry one!