Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas week recap#1

So, since I haven't blogged in like forever; I thought I'd inundate your readers with posts today.
Here's a little Christmas catchup from my family to yours.

Boredome buster number 2 last week was the Ethel M. Chocolate factory here in Henderson.
We've been there several times over the years, but I think it was the first trip for the boys.
 posing out in front of the factory before we went in

It was so nice to actually see them making stuff for a change. In the years past whenever we've gone, those conveyor belts have been empty and barren.

 look at those bins of chocolatey goodness....

It's a very short tour really, but you get a sample at the end, and then of course you get to visit their shop.
 look close, you can see chocolate dribble on Justins chin...

 Outside the chocolate factory is a huge, beautiful cactus garden. Ethel M lights it up every year at Christmas.
We walked through and admired the beauty of the desert, and captured a few prime photo ops.

I thought this was just too pretty. A saguarro skeleton. I took a pic of the description for your reading pleasure.

 We went back later in the week to see the garden all lit up. It was quite lovely. But dang! Was it cold!

 another photo op with the kids and an extra cute little guest that we took along with us.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas week!

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tammy said...

Oh how I love Ethel M's! It's been awhile since Luvpilot got me any of their toffee. I better remind him!