Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas week recap #3 Christmas Eve

We went to Jon's brother's house for Christmas Eve. Laura was cooking up some deliciousness for us!
She is an awesome cook, Laura's on the left, her sister Lisa is on the right.
 She'd been slaving all day on the meat fillings and sauces for tamales. I LOVE tamales.
We have never actually made tamales. So it was fun to see how it's done, and help with the process.
 Ashley, prepping tamales. She's a pro now.

 Laura's mom Susan, shredding pork. Time consuming work!

 ...watching the game and waiting for supper.

 Uncle Brad (on the left), and Jordan possible future son in law.

 Uncle Brad and Jason

 nice cheesy smile from Jon!

 cousin Julia, just got braces!

 Uncle goofy

 me and my boys (they were getting a little tired at this point).

 Cousins, Alicia, Julia and Ashley. Aren't they gorgeous?

 Jordan and Eddie (another wonderful cousin)

 Jordan and Alicia sharing some love

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and evening with Brad and Laura and their beautiful family.
They began the present overload for my kids. Seriously, they spoil us so badly every year.

Back at home, everybody got to open one present before bedtime.

 The traditional Cristmas jammies.

Do you do Christmas Eve jammies too?

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