Saturday, July 26, 2014

Midnight snack

I'd been in bed for half an hour last night, when the girls' bedroom door opened again. The bathroom light went on and a few minutes later it went off. Then another light went on.
What is Ashley doing now? I wondered. She's forever staying up later these days. It's summer time, so not really a big deal, but it was almost midnight and I had hoped the whole household was tucked in for the night.
It wasn't too much longer before I heard some rustling noises coming from the kitchen.
I got up to try to curb whatever mess she was making. I walk into the kitchen and see her legs below an open freezer door.
"What are you doing now?" I ask, walking into the kitchen where I find not only Ashley, but her sister as well; both getting ready to enjoy a waffle bowl full of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
"Seriously you guys!? It's midnight, you're supposed to be in bed!" I exclaim in my loudest whisper.
I walk out of the room and back to bed, shaking my head and hiding a smile.
It's not often I find these sisters enjoying some quality time with each other.

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