Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oh my goodness, how the time gets away from me.
How can it be July already? 
I've done zero on this blog this year. 

So sad.

Thought I'd take a moment and post a few pics.
It's kind of sad, I've hardly taken any pictures this year.
Lost my mojo four years ago, and I have yet to find it. 

So, in no particular order; and definitely not in chronological order...

my cute little guys playing basketball at school. This was probably in January.

Family selfie in the van, I think this was in June.

My Ashley. They had a boys vs girls day at school. I think this was in May. Ashley decided to express her view that neither sex is better than the other by going dressed as a she man.

 Haley had a class project to create a totem pole to symbolize herself. Wouldn't you know it, she waited til two nights before it was due to remind me about it. She's lucky to have a creative older sister who was willing and wonderfully helpful to get the project completed on time. This is the finished piece.

 Jon went fishing with his brother and some of the guys from work. Here's what he caught.

Haley's birthday cake (January). It's been a pretty low-key year this year. That cake looks pretty sad if you ask me.

One of Jason's award ceremonies. He received an academic excellence award. Justin also received awards ths year; not sure where those pics are. Parenting at it's finest. :/

We're right in the middle of summer time boredom. 
No big plans for the summer.
There is a birthday to be celebrated next week. Can't believe my two little guys will be turning seven already!

Maybe I'll check my cell phone for pics. That's probably where they're all at. 
(fingers crossed)

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Laura said...

Good to see you back!