Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh my Heaven, how can they be seven?

Seven years have gone by in a flash. 
These little men celebrated their 7th year in our family today.

They had a lot of fun. Started their celebration off with a scavenger hunt for their birthday presents.

 Sent them all through the house looking for their gifts. 

 Once they found everything, we headed out to Chuck E Cheese for a little family celebration.
We hadn't planned on doing a big party this year, but we did invite the little boy from downstairs. They play together a lot. 

Afterwards, we came back home to open presents.....
 And have cake and ice cream....

Make a wish!!

I love my boys. Can't even imagine how our lives would be without them.

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Lene said...

I can't believe they are seven!

How did our babies get so big?