Friday, October 9, 2015

Homecoming Parade

Haley's band class got to march in the High Schools Homecoming Parade tonight. 
So, of course we had to go watch. 

Looking cute in her uniform. 

Waiting for another parade to start...
They look miserable because it was HOT!

 Yay, it's finally starting!!

 She is somewhere in these two pictures....can you spot her? Where's Haley?????
(look around the edges, I did a really lousy job of catching her, but in fairness to me, the sun was in my eyes)

There was a fun little carnival after the parade and before the football game started. 
We enjoyed lot's of junkfood. 
Sorry, no pics....I know you're devastated.

Waiting for the game to start. 
Seriously, this beautiful sunset was the best part of the game.

Except for the halftime performance.....

We waited til after Haley performed again at halftime, and then we split. 
I used to love high school football games, but I really didn't enjoy this one. 
Lots of foul language all around where we were sitting. 
High school just isn't like I remember it. 

Freshman are friends, not food!

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