Monday, October 12, 2015

Track Break

So, the boys get year round school this year. This kind of presents a bit of a problem for me because for the whole month of October they don't have school, but I have to work and the girls have to go to school. Same thing for February. Ugh. I can't really afford to pay for daycare. Luckily, my boss at RC Willey was willing to work with me and is allowing me to come in from 3 to 9 for the whole month of October (well,til my last day with them anyway, which is this Friday). It's been so nice to have an understanding employer. I will miss my RC Willey family. It really is a great company, but retail is just a tough gig. 
So, anyway as soon as Jon gets home from his day of work, I leave for mine. We haven't seen much of each other, which kind of bites. But that'll change with the new job. 

Anyway, since I've been able to spend the mornings home with my boys, we've been having a few fun trips. 

We visited Ethel M Chocolate Factory last week and toured the Cactus Gardens. 
Had to snap some sweet pics while we were there. 

We had a picnic lunch and visited a park on another morning.

 Love these slides, they're a lot of fun. 

And then we visited the Wetlands park. 
Love to walk around here and just enjoy the wildlife. 

We got to see a heron. That was pretty cool!

We saw lots of bunny rabbits....

More wildlife.. ;)

We took some pics of the poo that we encountered on our walk.  They have a cool nature center you can visit, and we were hoping to be able to figure out what kind of animal poo we had encountered. We never really figured it out. 

Saw some ducks and fishies and turtles....

Another day we just hiked the mesa behind our apartment complex. 

And found more scat....

and cool rock statues....

October ended up being a great month for them to be off. The weather has been almost perfect for enjoying the outdoors. 

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