Tuesday, March 25, 2008

no title, just rambling.

Boy, does the time get away from me. I need to figure out how to add my blog to the relief society blog page. I'll probably be giving Sister B. a call.
Well, my girls are on track break this week. They don't go back to school until the 7th of April. So, I promised them we'd do fun stuff while they were on break. We've gone to the park, the zoo, Elthel M Chocolate Factory so far. We hit the mall for a few minutes after the chocolate factory-but didn't have much time to walk around before we had to go. It's a little hard with the babies. Inevitably one or the other ends up fussing most of the time.
We need to go to the park again, at least a few more times. Kids just love the park. I also need to pull out the craft projects I suppose.
I'm watching PrimeTime tonight- and it's about "what would you do" in certain situations. They showed an overweight woman being harrassed by 3 young skinny girls. For the most part, everyone around her just let it go on. I'd say that less than a dozen people stopped, or attempted to stop the harrassment from happening. I think that's so sad. I was so proud of the few people who spoke up. I can only hope that I would be the type of person who would not let that kind of behavior continue. Well, I must go rest my weary head . I really need to learn to go to bed earlier. The babies go down around 7:00, and wake up between 3:30 and 6:30 usually. Most of the time I head for bed around 11:00, so I'm still just getting 4-6 hours of sleep, which is my own fault for going to bed so late. I really need to work on a 10:00 bedtime. Early to bed, early to rise.... .

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